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Get a Free 2 Liter Bottle of PepsiNEXT

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What's the matter?
Dealprince Feb 05, 2013
who will say No to Pepsi
Cworld14 Feb 05, 2013
Does this still work?? No coupon here.
zacharyzblewski Feb 05, 2013
Still available. Got one for myself and signed up a few friends with their addresses.
deal Feb 05, 2013
Yup hope I am in as well. Signed up and hopefully I make it. I absolutely love Pepsi. :)
dvinegrace83 Feb 04, 2013
so far all pepsi cola more or less tastes the same to me. i wonder how this will compare. just glad it's free though! =)
nimase85 Feb 04, 2013
I am loving all of these soda freebies I got one for myself and I will be sure to pass this great deal on
tpark6283 Feb 04, 2013
Hope I am one of the million, great find! Willing to try it!
Gaylesheerin Feb 04, 2013
Thanks, always love freebies
dealio23 Feb 04, 2013
I just submitted mine--hope I'm one of the million! :)
helloamy1977 Feb 04, 2013
Free pepsi, free papa johns, free coke!!! Love it!!!
shimisi Feb 04, 2013
Cool. I think this is similar to the Throwback..? Maybe not. Anyway, it's free soda! Thanks.
YesBoss Feb 04, 2013
Free 2 Liter Pepsi Coupon, Thanks For sharing .
jkbane Feb 04, 2013
one less drink to pay for
akaricke Feb 04, 2013
It is worth a try. Only took a couple of seconds.
Dexterous Feb 04, 2013
are you sure they gonna ship this? doubt
akaricke Feb 04, 2013
They send a coupon that you redeem in store. Hopefully the million has not been reached
Dexterous Feb 04, 2013
Thanks Rick
dealwagger Feb 11, 2013
Yup! I just got my coupon in the mail today, up to $1.99 in value. Mine came in a blue envelope with the Pepsi logo, you won't miss it :D
hemalaa Feb 04, 2013
good freebie for the pepsi 2 litre bottle.
natarajansaktive Feb 04, 2013
Pepsi 2 litre Bottle Free. What a Great Deal. Nice Find
portal45 Feb 04, 2013
I have never heard of Pepsi Next. From it's Wikipedia page:

"Pepsi Next, (stylized as pepsi next), is a cola-flavored carbonated soft drink, sweetened with high fructose corn syrup, aspartame, acesulfame potassium, and sucralose, produced by PepsiCo, and marketed toward drinkers of its full-calorie Pepsi, and those who do not enjoy the taste of Diet Pepsi, Pepsi One, Pepsi Max, and other diet colas."

That first sentence made me cringe.

Interesting tidbit: "In the Australian market, Pepsi Next is bottled by Schweppes Australia and is sweetened by stevia which reduces the sugar content by 30% compared to regular Pepsi."

That's cool they sweeten it with Stevia for the Aussies. Why not cut out the HFCS for the rest of us???
Nellysg Feb 04, 2013
Wow. That's great thanks for the find! LOVE pepsi
branie Feb 04, 2013
Not my favorite Pepsi product but it is Free so I can't complain too much, thanks..
THartz606 Feb 04, 2013
Never tried pepsie next. Nows the time to since its free.
chuckydealpl Feb 04, 2013

dealwagger Feb 03, 2013
It doesn't say whether you qualify or not, so hopefully we all got in before it hit one million!
calistair Feb 03, 2013
Super easy!
zarrow Feb 03, 2013
Coupons will be sent to the first one million valid registrations who log on to to request the coupon on or before 11:59:59pm EST on February 4, 2013
themoneyman1113 Feb 03, 2013
Signed up over hour ago, I bet there is some left or not but they did have a million to give away.