How to Make a Hummingbird Feeder and Nectar


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Nectar Recipe

Here is all you need to make a hummingbird feeder.

Gatorade Bottle (or any other bottle you want to use as a container)
A Large Salad Dressing Bottle Cap (or any other bottle cap that is slightly larger and deeper than the Gatorade Bottle Cap)
A Drill
A Napkin
A Hot Glue Gun
Hot Glue Gun Glue Sticks
A set of Pliers (optional)
Aluminum Foil (optional)
Scissors (optional)
Non-Toxic Paint (optional)
Faux flowers (optional)
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Comments (6)

boricua1 (L5)
Jul 30, 2012
great info..I love humming birds!!
glwrks (L5)
Jul 30, 2012
Great idea & lots of info on site:) Thanks!
My two cents: The red mesh bags that produce, like vine ripe tomatoes come in: ...should be able to slip over the bottle, gathered tight in the bottle's groove or near would give red color & a way to hang;)
rchintaps (L1)
Jul 29, 2012
good one!! i use the store made feeders!! but here is the recipe for the nectar

1. Take water 4 cups
2. take 1 cup of sugar
3. mix them both
4. add a pinch of (red) powder food color ( not the liquid food color)
5. Mix sugar, color and water and heat it up ( just to make sure all the bacteria is killed)
6. cool it down
7 Use a funnel place a bounce tissue paper in it and slowly pour in the nectar into the feeding bottle.
8. Make sure the nectar is cooled down before you hang it up for feeding
9. And as well make sure you keep checking the container once in a while or every other day for any black stuff..
10. If you find any black stuff( may be mold or some thing else) immediately pout the nectar away and clean the feeder bottle and repeat the steps.
11. we do not wanna infect the humming birds....

I enjoy doing it... I make a liter of it, and it lasts for a week and a half ( well it depends on how many humming birds feed every day)
have fun and thank you for posting!!
akaricke (L5)
Jul 29, 2012
That is a cool project. I hope I can get some to come around.
catchersmom (L5)
Jul 29, 2012
great project for the kids.
newjerseychickxo (L5)
Jul 29, 2012
My mom is going to love this.In fact we were out shopping for a feeder today.Nice find.

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