Instant Self-Hypnosis: How to Hypnotize Yourself with Your Eyes Open [Kindle Edition]

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erick99 Jan 24, 2012
I'm a psych professor and a counselor. You can certainly learn to put yourself into a very relaxed and "suggestible" state but the claims that the book puts forward are not attainable. You can still benefit from learning the basics of entering a relaxed state. If it sounds too good to be true . . .
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krmills1 Jan 23, 2012
Be careful you may not be able to come out of your hypnotic state once you get Hypnotized by yourself, and then what will you do. :)
catchersmom Jan 23, 2012
free is awesome
helloamy1977 Jan 23, 2012
Cant wait to read this one. Its a very interesting subject.
tpark6283 Jan 22, 2012
Hey, it's worth a shot! Thanks!
Florida2Texas Jan 22, 2012
Thanks...downloaded one myself! Its going to be a fun week reading this!
arsiel Jan 22, 2012
Let me know how/if it works!
...and why you wanted to do it. I can't imagine why anyone would want to do this. :/
Florida2Texas Jan 23, 2012
I would read it just to see if it really works! If it does.......then I am so hypnotizing my husband every time I need the house cleaned! :D
rtanner Jan 22, 2012
Pretty neat, especially if I can get it to work on myself!
EzzyLovesToSave Jan 22, 2012
Sure beats the cost of therapy:)
newjerseychickxo Jan 22, 2012
Free's always nice I'm going to tell my daughter,Thanks!
jdswirsky Jan 22, 2012
If it's self hypnosis, how do your know if it worked or not?
FibroMom Jan 22, 2012
Looks like something I would enjoy learning more about! FREE is a GREAT Way to do it! Thank you. :)
branie Jan 22, 2012
Free is worth a try...ty
MrBklynW Jan 22, 2012
hmm...this looks interesting thanks. wookiee
dvinegrace83 Jan 22, 2012
YES hypnosis DOES work! i've seen it happen with my own eyes to a dear friend, and i know he wouldn't lie to me, or so i hope. now SELF-hypnosis..and INSTANT for that matter? i'm a little skeptical, but i def think it's worth a try. anything to strengthen mind over body is great!
chuckydealpl Jan 22, 2012
This is neat. Now if i can only sleep with my eyes open at work.
jasoned Jan 22, 2012
Haha! Just take a picture of your eyes open and then tape it to your face. :)
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chuckydealpl Jan 22, 2012
tried it, didn't look too convincing
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Florida2Texas Jan 22, 2012
I sleep with my eyes open a lot of has freaked out every member of my family and friend..may be I should try that at work now!! :)
fokewe Jan 23, 2012
Q. What's the first thing you say when you are awaken from taking a nap at your desk?

A. "Amen!"
arsiel Jan 23, 2012
@fokewe Hahahah. Just hope you fell asleep in the right position and not with your face ON your desk
jasoned Jan 22, 2012
I've always found hypnotism extremely fascinating. This got great reviews, and the price is right, so I'm going to check it out.