Introducing Amazon Cloud Drive Desktop Apps

Quickly Access Cloud Drive From Your Computer
Easily upload your photos, documents, videos and other files
Drag and drop files and folders to the Cloud Drive icon
Right-click any file or folder and send to Amazon Cloud Drive
Easy download of one or more files and folders from Cloud Drive
Uploads and downloads run in the background
Continue using your computer as you normally would, the app can handle restarts and lost internet connections without losing your data
You can pause and resume at any time

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What's the matter?
ramana_forums May 03, 2012
5 GB of free online storage can be use to store photos and and small videos..
wdjdac May 03, 2012
Cool, I will have to download it some time. Thanks for the post.
Dexterous May 02, 2012
This is what i brand as awesome app. Just installed. Nice find vimalr ....Nemo...
blackfoot May 02, 2012
Good to know, seems like the wave of the future.
nimase85 May 02, 2012
I love how everyone is giving away free cloud service these days =)
heyimdennise May 02, 2012
Ill have to show my husband this! :)
jspinoyonline May 02, 2012
This is a great information.
themoneyman1113 May 02, 2012
Thanks very much for the information. I will also pass it along. :-)