Introducing Pages! (Money Saving Articles, Tips, & More)

New Feature on!
Notice the fancy new "Pages" tab at the top of Give it a click and find articles, news, tips, tricks and more all aimed at helping you save money...

Sit back and enjoy articles that are written by users of, staff and guest bloggers. Topics usually include:
  • Money Saving Tips & Tricks
  • Tech News & Rumors
  • Top 5 Deals of the Week (Various Categories)

Check out some examples:

Make Money with "Pages"
If you're a member of the Money Makers Program, Pages is another chance to earn a little extra cash! Post an article to "Pages" and you'll earn $3 for every 1,000 page views. But that's not all. If your article is chose by our staff as a "Featured" article, you'll earn an EXTRA $5!
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What's the matter?
MdavidK30 Sep 15, 2012
It's been up since I joined... but, I'm always nervous to post.
I blog on Facebook, but I want to expand it elsewhere and not just about my personal life.. whats a good way to start?
chuckydealpl Sep 15, 2012
Interesting. Might contribute an article or two.
dddsss Sep 15, 2012
like it, but don't like to scroll so much to look for art. of interest. arrangement like other deal dept. pages is easier.
gangstabarbie Sep 14, 2012
Somebody write the next article ! It's been awhile? Nice of you to remind me!
Subha83 Sep 14, 2012
Cool.Great news.
ancagavs Sep 14, 2012
this section was here already when I joined the website. But for a few days, no one wrote any type of article.
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aznballa161 Sep 13, 2012
great idea. can't wait to read great articles
nimrodboy3 Sep 13, 2012
cool..great idea..glad to see it finally go public =)
shopange08 Sep 13, 2012
Pretty neat idea.. Thanks for organizing this, mods!
lilywow Sep 13, 2012
Time to start working on my next article. Nice
shimisi Sep 13, 2012
Money-saving articles are always a nice read. Thanks for this.
mnvikings11 Sep 13, 2012
I make $0.30 for every post, up to 15 per day, now that's a money maker.
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ArtemisDeals Sep 13, 2012
LoL TOTOOO that would be a good choice :) But this feature is really nice if you are good at writing articles :)
ArtemisDeals Sep 13, 2012
lol I thought it said burned lol... I guess I need glasses :P anyone post any good deals for some?
bbattag Sep 13, 2012
Mods - Are you supposed to actually write the article or can you just copy and paste from elsewhere? Seems like most of the ones that have been posted are just taken from another website.
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TOTOOO Sep 13, 2012
Your post will be buried if you copy and paste directly from another site.
erick99 Sep 13, 2012
I wouldn't say most as I have written almost 90 of them and they were all individually researched and original work. I think that if a Page was a clear cut n paste the mods take them down. Writing a Page is a lot of fun though it takes a little time to do it well. I hope that the Pages section really takes off now as it it as great feature.
MdavidK30 Sep 15, 2012
Good point!!!
arsiel Sep 13, 2012
Wait... I thought we knew this already? @_@
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jowk Sep 13, 2012
Because you are MM!
arsiel Sep 13, 2012
Oooh. My fault! Hahah, I felt like I was having deja vu.

In that case, yaaaay. Pages!
Christine Sep 13, 2012
hahahha i was wondering the same thing...
ancagavs Sep 14, 2012
the section was here before. but it wasn't so popular at that time. now it is :)
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rd995 Sep 13, 2012
thanks mods this will motivate more people to write pages
poe601 Sep 13, 2012
This is a nice addition to dealsplus, Thanks!
Dexterous Sep 13, 2012
This is what I call bonus for hard work.
rockinnrolla Sep 13, 2012
What a great new feature!!!! :)
YesBoss Sep 13, 2012
This Is So Cool , Thanks Mods