iPad Mini Giveaway with Free Pocketly App Download

Update: Here are the winners! Congrats to:
    1. Kelsey Martin
    2. Ukmikep

If you have an iOS or Android device, you're in luck! We're giving away an iPad Mini to two (2) lucky users who download and post a review for our Pocketly Coupons mobile app! That's 2 iPad Minis we're giving away, total.

How to Enter:

1. Download the free Pocketly App:

2. Write a review (good or bad, we want to know what you think!) for our Pocketly Coupons mobile app

3. Complete the quick, easy contest form

Rules and Guidelines:

  • Contest ends November 21st, 2012 (Winners will be announced November 23rd, 2012)
  • Two (2) lucky winners will be chosen at random (One for each platform - Apple/Android)
  • Winners will be announced on the Pocketly giveaway page
  • Winners will be contacted via email (if winner don't respond within 48 hours, a new winner will be chosen)

**See All Official Rules Here**
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What's the matter?
BinaryMercenary Nov 20, 2012
the ipad mini is soooo cute! And someone is gonna have two! Twins!
chachingchaching Nov 20, 2012
good luck, never won before
maetie Nov 20, 2012
Finally, a total user package that meets my shopping needs all in one handB-)
motortools Nov 20, 2012
two??are you crazy
tinadragon68 Nov 19, 2012
Never had anything cool in life lke that..would love it!
nirajdesai10 Nov 19, 2012
count me in for sure ....
ukaran Nov 19, 2012
I will participate and GET ONE Definitely.
abcgirl Nov 18, 2012
Great find. Nice price drop.
DealiciousPie Nov 20, 2012
Nice price drop?! It's FREE
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Kristroxell Nov 18, 2012
Just downloaded pocketly app & created some pockets & added some places. Will have to start using soon to see how we'll it works. Would love a mini!
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tpark6283 Nov 18, 2012
What a great app! I left my comment the other day, thanks!
jutgreen Nov 17, 2012
done and done! App looks good so far, I'll be trying to do my part with adding to it.
pamlawing Nov 16, 2012
I love the download especially since I love a good deal. Thanks for the contest giving me a chance to win an ipad mini. Good luck to all. Megansmom
Jaykay87 Nov 15, 2012
Great app and giveaway!
hzs11112 Nov 15, 2012
another great giveaway. good luck to all
YesBoss Nov 15, 2012
I May Get This Prize, Advance Thanks To Everyone Who Wished Me
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TallCanadian Nov 15, 2012
Awesome giveaway! Good Luck everyone!
ReturninVideoTps Nov 15, 2012
Nice. New iPad, whole new wave of giveaways
zoneric Nov 15, 2012
awesome...another contest from DP. good luck everyone!
ancagavs Nov 15, 2012
another contest, that's awesome.I wish I could join :)
jaywhoa802 Nov 15, 2012
I'd love for this to be the first prize I've ever won online!
MrBklynW Nov 14, 2012
what a awesome app, i have used similar apps but i like the functionality of this one, still needs a little work. i'm sure its going to get better as more updates roll around. Well good luck to everyone on dp who entered=)
pbooter Nov 14, 2012
Nice find! Thanks for taking time to share this particular deal.
tmntmn17 Nov 14, 2012
I need an iPad mini I can use it for school
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blackfoot Nov 14, 2012
Another great giveaway, good luck everyone.
glwrks Nov 14, 2012
Oh dang...not compatible, I wonder if it's my phone's settings?
DealiciousPie Nov 20, 2012
What kind of phone do you have?
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glwrks Nov 20, 2012
It's a droid eris...I think it's too old. Requirements for app are 2.2
newjerseychickxo Nov 14, 2012
Thanks I entered. Would be a great birthday gift for myself:)
aoobuu Nov 14, 2012
Nice price. I'm so happy to find this deal.
psplove Nov 14, 2012
Good luck to me and all user in DP.
DealiciousPie Nov 17, 2012
Good luck!
mnvikings11 Nov 14, 2012
This would be a great X-mas present for our 5 yr old autistic son.
DealiciousPie Nov 17, 2012
Good luck! :)
solucky Nov 14, 2012
I know what you mean. Thanks for taking time to share this deal.
DesmonaP Nov 14, 2012
Good luck all!
Jaybella3307 Nov 14, 2012
I love love two mini ipads one for me for xmas and one for my fiance this xmas, this would be awesome
MdavidK30 Nov 14, 2012
would love to get a new ipod!
bobisyellow Nov 14, 2012
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livelocelaugh78 Nov 14, 2012
I'm new to this n its swells even the app is awsome. thx
nimase85 Nov 14, 2012
I love all these giveaways... Thanks for another great one
chuckydealpl Nov 14, 2012
hope i win one. neat app, shopping, gas, food all in one.
seanvcxz Nov 14, 2012
Gotta love these giveaways! I'm not sold on the mini yet, but I would take one for free!
DealiciousPie Nov 17, 2012
Who can say no to free?!
akaricke Nov 14, 2012
Great giveaway. Good luck everyone.
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Shawtnthikk39 Nov 14, 2012
One thing I can assure each and every one of you - by the time I'm done with my review the deals.plus staffers will be packaging up my iPad Mini and shipping it to me. Lol! Good luck everyone. This is fun! And thanks to Deals plus for thinking about the fans.
DealiciousPie Nov 14, 2012
That's the spirit!
Dexterous Nov 14, 2012
Another giveaway, this is nice to have in
applejax Nov 14, 2012
cool. downloaded it and works smoothly. waiting to use it when i go to the store :) (probably later today)
poe601 Nov 14, 2012
Awesome give away, downloaded and I love it! Good luck all!
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nimrodboy3 Nov 14, 2012
thanks team DP..good luck all!
rd995 Nov 14, 2012
another nice giveaway good luck to everyone participating
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arsiel Nov 13, 2012
TWO iPad Minis this time?! This is just crazy, www.dealsplus.com. I'm in. Again.

Greedy, I know. :x