Kleancolor Neon Nail Lacquer 6 Colors Set

Neon Nail Polish in 6 different colors
smooth and long lasting nail polish
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StaciaJ Apr 14, 2013
WOW, what a fantastic deal. Neon Nail Lacquer has a SUPER LOW PRICE. the original price wasn't bad at all, but the deal price....NOW IS FANTASTIC. The marked price was originally $24.00, but you could save 72% and only pay $6.79.
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dvinegrace83 Apr 09, 2013
Nailpolish is so hot nowadays. I love all the colors and all the fun designs people come up with
THartz606 Apr 09, 2013
Nice price and variety of colors. I'll be picking some up. Thanks for the post.
MyPrecious Apr 09, 2013
a good variety of colors. i love them ..sure to look good on the nails
ukaran Apr 09, 2013
I love the colors and its low price. Nice find.
MrBklynW Apr 09, 2013
great price for a 6 pc set
candzyangel Apr 09, 2013
It's $6.79 (72% off)
dealio23 Apr 08, 2013
Great price for this set! Nice find
Dexterous Apr 08, 2013
some good colors to match
Jazmine_ilene Apr 08, 2013
I need to by this for myself and my co-worker. We love nail polishes lol
tpark6283 Apr 08, 2013
Sweet deal, love the colors! Nice all year round!
blackfoot Apr 08, 2013
Nice price for so many bottles, lots of colors.
seanvcxz Apr 08, 2013
My wife is all into this stuff now. Maybe I should consider it for an early birthday gift!
WideAnglePhoto Apr 08, 2013
Beautiful colors for spring!! Thanks for sharing this great deal!
mikhaila Apr 08, 2013
Great colors and great price, beautiful spring colors
EzzyLovesToSave Apr 08, 2013
Gotta love this price!...and the assortment of spring colors:)
starkiepoo Apr 08, 2013
Pretty sweet price drop for things like these. I'll take it. Thanks for sharing!
Nellysg Apr 08, 2013
I love these colors especially with Spring/Summer around the corner... Nice price for the set!
LokaFreeThings2 Apr 07, 2013
Isn't this the "freebies" section?
prettymom40 Apr 08, 2013
Loka I so agree with you!!!!!! Freebie section should be for FREE items!!!! WAY TO MANY things like this and other junk. Like coupons you have to print, go to store and maybe get it cheap. Freebie section to me means FREE with out jumping through hoops.
LokaFreeThings2 Apr 08, 2013
I normally don't say anything but this is just free shipping..Didn't think that qualified it to be in the freebie section. Just my thoughts..
Jazmine_ilene Apr 08, 2013
@LokaFreeThings2 seems like there's a lot of things in the freebies section with just free shipping. It shouldn't be there but just post something about it in the ask and share about your thoughts on it so everyone can understand what that section is for entirely
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