Open Beta for Blacklight: Retribution - officially available to the public with its open beta.


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Any and all players are now welcome to join in on the fragfests of Blacklight: Retribution, the sequel to Zombie Studios XBLA, PSN and PC shooter Blacklight: Tango Down. The game has been announced as being officially available to the public with its open beta.

As stated in the news alert...
With the launch of Open Beta you can now start building up that reputation as someone to be feared on the battlefield. All character progression is permanent and a new map - Vortex - is now available for play. An incredible amount of updates, bug fixes, and gameplay tweaks have been implemented thanks to feedback from Closed Beta players.
This is great news for gamers looking for an intense, fast-paced, customization-heavy FPS similar to Operation 7 but a lot more up-to-date. I, for one, cannot wait to get knee deep into the weapon customization. It looks super sexy.

The game has more going for it than thousands and thousands of weapon customization possibilities, there are also light-mechs and armor to man, and plenty of high-end visual effects to admire across a broad range of different maps set amongst a futuristic, concrete jungle. The extra cyber-punk aesthetics and high-tech special abilities also help to give the game a little bit of individuality amongst all the other online military shooters out there.

You can jump into the action right now by paying a visit to the Official Blacklight Retribution Website and signing up to participate in the open beta.
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AKaddanotherA (L5)
Mar 02, 2012
As a side note: I might suggest going straight to registration vs. the linked email:
AKaddanotherA (L5)
Mar 02, 2012
If you haven't tried the game - I definitely suggest it!

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