This deal is expired!

Papa Johns - Free Pizza and Pepsi Max 2Liter (2/6)

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What's the matter?
helloamy1977 Feb 13, 2012
Just wondering if anyone noticed their existing points disappear. I had 21 then I noticed I only have 2 left.
quartrhoss Feb 08, 2012
still nothing... what a scam
col2becol Feb 07, 2012
Got the mail, found it in spam...Check in SPAM guys...
quartrhoss Feb 07, 2012
been signed up and signed in for quite some time but the code doesn't work. Typical papa johns
helloamy1977 Feb 07, 2012
So now Im super confused I used the code that was on here last night to get free pizza it was like 4 digits. About 30 min ago I received the email for a free pizza and pepsi with a link to a personalized code.
aznballa161 Feb 06, 2012
Great, I got this, getting the pizza this sunday!
zhn2011zhn Feb 06, 2012
cool deal!
msimulation Feb 06, 2012
Shut I missed this one :-/
laydeeflashy Feb 06, 2012
Free pizza is always great! Especially when nothing was prepped for dinner!
laydeeflashy Feb 06, 2012

There's the link you guys! Enjoy! =)
helloamy1977 Feb 06, 2012
wheres the free pepsi
rtanner Feb 06, 2012
Yes I signed up and got some free pizza!
tpark6283 Feb 06, 2012
My favorite part of the game was when the quarter landed on Heads!
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mwilson1999 Feb 06, 2012
I have been a member for a while now, didnt get an email, points or a code. Whats up with that?
hemalaa Feb 06, 2012
I haven't received any mail yet. Anyone got?
VirginiaPeanuts Feb 06, 2012
Also, do we have to deposit and use the points tonight? I'm new to their reward program
VirginiaPeanuts Feb 06, 2012
both my husband and I signed up with different email addresses. Are we only eligible for one pizza and soda or can we redeem both using our accounts?
wonder Feb 06, 2012
20 points will be deposited into your account ,and will be redeemed when you use the coupon
wonder Feb 06, 2012
just picked my free pizza ,no soda though ..
helloamy1977 Feb 06, 2012
I just looked on their facebook page and it says:

Heads It Is! Papa Rewards members should keep their eyes open for an email this evening with instructions on how to obtain the promo code to redeem their FREE pizza and Pepsi MAX. Thanks to everyone for making this the best Super Bowl Coin Toss ever!
arsiel Feb 06, 2012
Yessss. Thanks for the update! :)
wdjdac Feb 06, 2012
wonder Feb 06, 2012
for some reason I have twenty something extra points in my account , I wonder if it has something to do with it !
akaricke Feb 06, 2012
Pizza ordering drunken binge? lol ;)
wonder Feb 06, 2012
nah they deposit 20 points into your account to redeem for the free pizza
wonder Feb 06, 2012
though if I did I would've remembered feeling of shame & self loathing
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wonder Feb 06, 2012
apparently I was wrong , you do get a coupon in the mail , I guess i got 20 points for free
jasoned Feb 06, 2012
I'll be waiting patiently for my email. I love Papa John's!
karen2958 Feb 06, 2012
Just wondering how this will all work. Will then send email with coupon???
hemalaa Feb 06, 2012
Yep. Looks like they will start sending emails today.
sweetangelxxo Feb 06, 2012
Sounds good to me!!
xichigox Feb 05, 2012
jam15614 Feb 05, 2012
Great to see that we won the toss!
poe601 Feb 05, 2012
Yay good one, Glad I signed up for this too!
hemalaa Feb 05, 2012
That's awesome. Is this for existing customers as well?
helloamy1977 Feb 05, 2012
Hate football but this was awesome of them !!!
stonekoldk Feb 05, 2012
Awesome, glad I signed up for that a while ago.