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Go to download free trial and follow the instructions:

What is PlayOn?

PlayOn is software that you install on your Windows PC. It allows you to use your Wii, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 or other supported device to access feeds from content providers like Hulu, Netflix, Comedy Central, CBS, YouTube,, your personal media, and more. PlayOn is both browser and media server software, built into one. It browses content from various online providers, and displays that content directly on your television, instead of on your PC screen.

How does it work?

PlayOn runs in the background on your networked PC. It uses standards called UPnP and DLNA to communicate with networked gaming consoles and TVs, working both as an Internet browser to access online media, and as a UPnP media server to serve videos to UPnP compliant devices.

How much does PlayOn cost?

You can pay for PlayOn Premium in one of two ways: either as a yearly subscription, or with a one-time fee. The subscription plan costs $39.99 for the first year, and $19.99 per year thereafter. Your subscription will automatically renew each year through your credit card or PayPal account. You can also cancel at any time.
A one-time PlayOn Premium license costs $79.99, and incurs no recurring fees.

As a PlayOn Premium license holder, you have access to the latest PlayOn Premium product line software features and content.

What are PlayOn Lite, PlayOn Basic, and PlayOn Premium?

We have only one single downloadable product from our website, called PlayOn. But depending on what type of license you purchase, certain features may or may not be available to you. Either way, all features are available for 14-days for free during the trial period. The product types are listed below:
PlayOn Lite is absolutely 100% free for all users! It gives you access to "My Media" (all your local media files from your PC and home network), as well as the Pandora radio channel. No matter whether you buy a PlayOn license or not, you will always be able to use the PlayOn software for My Media and Pandora. Forever. For free.

PlayOn Premium is our newest product line for PlayOn. You can pay for it either with a yearly subscription, or through a single one-time payment. By buying a license, you continually get access to the latest and greatest features and content in the PlayOn Premium product line. You can buy a PlayOn Premium license on our purchase page. As long as your license is active, you will always get free updates to the PlayOn Premium product. If you cancel your subscription, you will still have PlayOn Lite.

PlayOn Basic is the license we sold to all users before May 20, 2010. If you own a PlayOn Basic license, you should first and foremost get a big huge thanks from us for being a founding user. Thank you! PlayOn Basic has no recurring subscription fees, but has a locked feature set and a static list of content providers (Hulu, Netflix, CBS,, MLB, CNN, Amazon VOD, YouTube, Pandora, My Media). We still offer free support to Basic users, but you won't get the latest and greatest features and content unless you upgrade to the PlayOn Premium package. You can upgrade either with a one-time fee or a recurring annual subscription. We are offering reduced upgrade rates between now and September 2010 -- the first year of PlayOn Premium for only $4.99, or a PlayOn Premium License upgrade for a single one-time fee of only $39.99. If you do decide to upgrade to the subscription plan, and later cancel, you can still roll back to your original PlayOn Basic license. To upgrade, simply visit the upgrade page with your current license key handy.
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