Rite Aid: Free $13 credit in store starts 1/1/12

Rite Aid is offering $20 +up rewards with you buy $100 worth items 1/1/2012 - 1/7/12.

Vinilla Visa Gift Cards are included in the list.
Here is the ads scan:

Here is how you get free $13 credit.

1. Buy one $100 Visa Gift Card
2. Pay total $106.95 ( $6.95 activation free )
3. Get $20 +up reward (Good for next in store purchase)
4. Don't forget bring your $100 Visa Gift Card (You can use it as any credit card.)

You get $100+$20=$120
You pay $106.95

Net income $13.05 :)

Rite Aid +up reward card (or your phone number of the +up reward program) is required for this program.
If you don't have one, you can apply here:
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What's the matter?
zoelee Jan 02, 2012
Some stores were putting up signs indicating that the gift cards are no longer part of the promotion. Check your local store before you go :)
zoelee Jan 01, 2012
Just went back from my local Rite Aid, the deal worked great, and the $20 rewards expires 2/11/12. I have one month to think about what I need to buy :)
ps, the activation fee for me is $5.95
bethkay Dec 31, 2011
Zoelee - am I just being stupid or is the date you are showing off? I'd love to do this, just wondering how much time I have to work with. thanks :0)
zoelee Dec 31, 2011
Sorry, the date should be 1/1/12-1/7/12. That means next week. I'll visit the store as soon as possible tommorrow :)
bethkay Dec 31, 2011
thanks - I probably should have been able to figure it out, but I'm too tired to think that hard lol. Happy New Year!
zoelee Dec 31, 2011
The same to you and get good deals as a New Years’ nice start :)
zoelee Dec 31, 2011
In other words, you are using $6.95 (activation fee) in exchange of $20 worth goods. :)
If you use coupons from Sunday's paper, there're several good deals next week to use you $20 +up reward :)
blackfoot Dec 31, 2011
Nice deal. Easy to earn points with your rewards card
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