Royal Wedding: Free Official programme, including Order of Service

The Official Programme will be available for free electronically in three formats: as a page-turning PDF (using Flash) and an iBook compatible with Apple products, which can be downloaded from the Apple iBookstore. It is also available as an Adobe Acrobat PDF (you will need Adobe Reader to view the file).
Free Printable PDF

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What's the matter?
Maxxthearsonist Apr 29, 2011
Seems like a waste of ink and paper.
Sandbox1108 Apr 28, 2011
I don't understand how this is getting any media coverage. There is so much going on around the world and you have ever media outlet spending time on this.

Who cares?
furquanatique Apr 28, 2011
I believe it's a form of escape from daily monotony, for people who want a peek of the life of royalty.
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OrionStar Apr 28, 2011
I second dat!
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love2trade Apr 28, 2011
I triple dat!!!
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nskcsf Apr 28, 2011
Maybe because there are still people that believe in/like to think that there are fairy tales in todays world. Which sometimes still DO come true!!! That is not always a bad thing for EVERYONE to wish for!!! Her sons are carrying on a fanstatic example of love for people and their problems.
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Maxxthearsonist Apr 29, 2011
If that's true then people need a big reality check :]
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Sandbox1108 Apr 29, 2011
this wedding is ridiculous. 80% of the British people are against it. It's costing the British tax papers 20 million pounds.
nskcsf Apr 28, 2011
My 16 year old daughter about passed out when I told her I had a copy of this. She has been fixated on this wedding for a while now. GREAT find!!!
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