Sears & KMART | Check your Account for a Free $3 Credit (YMMV)

Sears and KMART have been giving away 3,000 rewards points (worth $3) to random users yesterday. Log into your account to see if you "won".
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What's the matter?
jdkcc Nov 08, 2012
none for me
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YesBoss Nov 08, 2012
This Time I Don't have Any Luck .
chuckydealpl Nov 08, 2012
still haven't seen anything in the account
YesBoss Nov 03, 2012
Finally I Received Today Free $10 Worth Of Points .
kimeeb Nov 03, 2012
I got It..Thank you for posting. Says it's valid till 11/8
tooneutral Nov 02, 2012
placed and order with Kmart and Sears yesterday, got the point today! What a nice surprise!
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rd995 Nov 02, 2012
might be a random thing good luck to those who got it
zarrow Nov 02, 2012
Yes, as the description says, it is just the luck of the draw if you got the points. None for me.
arsiel Nov 02, 2012
Whoa! I got it. I didn't receive a notification or anything but my Shop Your Way Rewards points got a boost of 10,000! Thanks :D
THartz606 Nov 02, 2012
I don't have a sears of kmart account, but my mom might so I'll pass this along to her so she can check if she does. Thanks for the post.
poe601 Nov 02, 2012
Yay, I got it added to my account Thanks for posting!
munkin2u Nov 02, 2012
I love stuff like this. Checking my account now!
branie Nov 02, 2012
Well, I'll have to go check my account that would be a fabulous surprise :) Thanks for sharing.
naazira Nov 02, 2012
s i got it. Thanks for the information . i got my 10000 points in shop ur rewards card that it is worth of $10.00.
Subha83 Nov 02, 2012
I didn't see any in my account.
Brentheriot Nov 02, 2012
none for me... darn
FibroMom Nov 02, 2012
I don't see any extra points in my account. :( Congrats to those that got it!
YesBoss Nov 02, 2012
i did't get this time may be need sears credit card ?
chuckydealpl Nov 02, 2012
i have sears cc but didn't get it either
rockinnrolla Nov 02, 2012
Darn I didn't win but it's So awesome that they are doing this!
anju007 Nov 02, 2012
yup!! i got it