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What's the matter?
VLMom3 Feb 04, 2013
My daughter is sick while working full time and caring for my 18-month-old grandson. Her husband is out of town on business, so she needs a nice treat!
Pamelab3478 Feb 04, 2013
I would like to give one to my sister in law who is sick and she always takes care of everyone else.
Maya2000 Jan 11, 2013
I want to send it to my dad
Clarky13 Dec 18, 2012
Wonderful just what my daughter needs with three children these Kleenex products will certainly help with flu and cold season!!
della1976 Nov 10, 2012
I love klennex so much, I have bad allergys n they really help sooth my nose!!!!!!!!!
noele6277 Oct 12, 2012
I really wanted to send this to a friend but the link doesnt work.
kimchloeshae Oct 07, 2012
Just saw commercial for this offer n all I get is error message :(
chuckydealpl Feb 16, 2012
easy and free, thanks
jasoned Jan 24, 2012
Can't beat free. Just sent it to my mom.
catchersmom Jan 24, 2012
free id wonderful
psplove Jan 23, 2012
Great idea to make business..
Florida2Texas Jan 23, 2012
Thanks for this great offer! This is something one will always need and can never have enough!
Christine Jan 23, 2012
yayyy free kleenex =)
additc Jan 23, 2012
zoelee Jan 23, 2012
wow, another free pack? surely will send it to myself :)
arsiel Jan 23, 2012
I hope they don't get sick but I definitely hope they get to use it! :)
branie Jan 23, 2012
Free is good, thanks!! The person I sent I to last time, never got it :(
snypin04 Jan 23, 2012
yay free!
poe601 Jan 23, 2012
I did this before and it does work. Great to see it back again!
skaro964 Jan 23, 2012
Thanks, I just sent one to my dd.
helloamy1977 Jan 23, 2012
I remember it was little box but very cute. Thank you
FibroMom Jan 23, 2012
Thanks! I did this a while back and sent a pack to my mom - she got a kick out of it. Free is Always a NICE way to brighten someone's day and let them know you are thinking of them. :)