ShopRunner: 90-Day Extension of Free 2-Day Shipping (Existing Customers)

Subscribe to ShopRunner Central (found in your Order History) and receive a 90 extension on your account.

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What's the matter?
notume2001 Aug 23, 2012
also I was told over the phone you are not charged after this 90 day trial period ends,(nothing to cancel) unlike the 30 day membership which you had to cancel before your 30 days were over or you would be charged the annual rate.
helloamy1977 Jul 27, 2012
Wow $688.00 savings I think I shop online too much. Still wouldnt pay for shoprunner.
drewskidooo Jul 26, 2012
This is great! I love using shoprunner!
dddsss Jul 26, 2012
Please, someone report back if this receipt service is really worth the bother.
Teekay Jul 26, 2012
I love free shipping, but I wish they had more places I could use it. There's just not many shops they cover.
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dddsss Jul 26, 2012
agree! i've yet to use mine in many months
bbattag Jul 27, 2012
Yea, same here. I've only used it a few times
mfaraday Jul 26, 2012
Great find!!
jamesjr55 Jul 26, 2012
Make sure you turn off Auto Renewal! or it will automatically renew when the free trial ends. I had turned it off with the 1 year free trial but just check and it was turned back on after getting the 90 day extention
iamsrini2002 Jul 26, 2012
deal Jul 26, 2012
Now this is awesome. I extended for the extra 90 days. Its showing that I already used Shop Runner for $238 worth of shipping costs. Thank you for the heads up.
arsiel Jul 26, 2012
This will have me set until May! Thanks (:
Looks like these free trials will let them buffer out any errors they may run into as well as implement new features
Dexterous Jul 26, 2012
I am still member of it, thanks for finding
poe601 Jul 26, 2012
Worked great for me got my extra 3 months, great deal!
MrBklynW Jul 25, 2012
awesome, love shop runner deals. i've told a lot of people about it. saved me alot on shipping
truncj Jul 25, 2012
Thanks! Worked great.
vdealhunter Jul 25, 2012
Got the extension too. Thank you so much!
nimase85 Jul 25, 2012
Yay! now that makes me have 15 months of free shipping all together... Thanks for sharing ragingwookiee =)
ShiningDream Jul 25, 2012
Wow, one needs to sign in with his/her email address and password ? Good deal, but I don't think I am giving away my password of my mail account to shoprunner to save $19.75 (That's what the value of 3 month of FREE/extension shoprunner subscription.)

Choose wisely!

Just my 2 cents.
Asten77 Jul 26, 2012
You have to sign in to your email, but you're not giving your password to Shoprunner - it authorizes through a secure mechanism.
rockinnrolla Jul 26, 2012
By signing up it gives them permission to access your email account details including profile and connections. I decided not to sign up.... Good deal though.
dddsss Jul 26, 2012
Those of you doing this, Please, report back if this receipt service is really worth it. [if they wanted to know where i shop, they only need to ask me]
bbattag Jul 27, 2012
Looks like it's safe if you ask me.
xptrish Jul 25, 2012
Got the extension,thank you.
blackfoot Jul 25, 2012
Oh sweet, Paid $1 for 14 months of coverage.
Brentheriot Jul 25, 2012
Thanks for the deal, was hoping one would show up
erick99 Jul 25, 2012
Excellent!! I think my free ShopRunner will run out soon so I will do this. I don't use it often but when I do I certainly appreciate its value.
vimalr Jul 25, 2012
I have a free account extension would make it better.
YesBoss Jul 25, 2012
Same Here, Another 3 months Are Going To Add In My Account.
themoneyman1113 Jul 25, 2012
Extension is a very good thing. Thanks for sharing.
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iowahawkeyes Jul 25, 2012
How is shoprunner ever going to make any money?!?!?!? Hahaha seriously though its either a dollar or free like every week.
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wannabecool Jul 25, 2012
I was thinking the same thing... but once they can establish themselves they'll make their money back... at least I am sure that is what they are thinking.
maven3 Jul 26, 2012
My guess is that they have a mutually beneficial agreement setup with the retailers.

In the mean time, I've been enjoying free shipping at Newegg!
dealwagger Jul 26, 2012
I suspect they get a commission every time someone purchases from their participating stores b/c of Shoprunner.