Starbucks Coupon: Buy 1 Get 1 Any Frappuccino Beverage

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What's the matter?
wzhenwei May 01, 2013
Good deal, but it is expired!
mdgirl Apr 30, 2013
I am in for one, nice find
mikhaila Apr 27, 2013
why must you do this to me!! BOGO!!
chuckydealpl Apr 27, 2013
thanks, i'm such an sbux addict because of these offers
Nellysg Apr 27, 2013
Definitely a great deal... Passing this along!
StaciaJ Apr 27, 2013
I love starbucks iced coffee. Thanks for the share :)
ukaran Apr 27, 2013
Frappuccino Beverage B1 G1. I don't know how to celebrate this! Such a TASTY DEAL.
shopange08 Apr 27, 2013
I love Frappuccinos. Can't wait to use this! Thanks
Dexterous Apr 26, 2013
good for starbucks fan, nice sharing
iowahawkeyes Apr 26, 2013
Buy one get one free at starbucks isn't a frequent thing. This is a deal I got to hop on.
arsiel Apr 26, 2013
Gotta love their vanilla bean frappuccinos even though there's no coffee in it :P
Christine Apr 26, 2013
mmmm yummmersss =) this is awesome !!! i'll be there all weekend heheheh
littlexu Apr 26, 2013
Great coupon. Love starbucks frappuccino. Nice find and thanks for sharing.
tpark6283 Apr 26, 2013
Sweet deal, I love the java chip! Thanks!
themoneyman1113 Apr 26, 2013
Good. Find. only time I go to starbucks, during a promo or I have a coupon, otherwise I am a DD drinker I have to admit.
MrBklynW Apr 26, 2013
Awesome deal. thanks for the coupon!
LilRed77 Apr 25, 2013
I just tried to use it and they said had i used this before and i said no, so i think each one has a special code. It does say one use and non transferable but lucky i had a nice lady at my starbucks who gave me the discount. Just a heads up!
lauchremi Apr 26, 2013
@LilRed77 thanks. I was wondering.
n2imagination Apr 27, 2013
@LilRed77 I believe you might have gotten a barista that did not know what she was doing. I just checked on my account and the same deal appears with the exact same code so this should work for anyone who purchases the first frap with a card.
LilRed77 Apr 27, 2013
Well she scanned my card and entered the code but the computer wasnt leting it go through, but anywho, she gave it to me
helloamy1977 May 01, 2013
When I tried to use it the barista said it had to be loaded on my card which it wasn't but since they had already started making them and I told them I wouldnt get it if I couldnt use the coupon then they gave me the discount.
jkbane Apr 25, 2013
friday nights my wife and like to go get starbucks, this is a good promo
branie Apr 25, 2013
Buy one get one anything is always nice, especially from Starbucks, thanks
lauchremi Apr 25, 2013
How do i load this onto my registered account like it says at the bottom. Do you know? I have had a registered account card for years but never get these things.
n2imagination Apr 27, 2013
@lauchremi this and any other rewards should already show if you have registered your card online. just pull up the online access or phone app and look under the rewards section. If you have had a card for years and use it with any frequency at all you should have a gold account which gives even more free drinks and rewards.
lauchremi Apr 28, 2013
@n2imagination ... i think something must be wrong then. I have an active gold card, my email registered, the app, etc. I never get these kinds of coupons though. I contacted starbucks to see what i am doing wrong but i am still waiting on a reply.
lauchremi Apr 28, 2013
Shoot... i tried to up your reply and it did the down. Feel free to down mine to even it out.
deal Apr 25, 2013
Awesome. I absolutely love Frappuccino's. Thank for the heads up ramana_forums. :)
LilRed77 Apr 25, 2013
YummY....Thanks for the find~