Subway - Free Cookie after Survey

Need your Store ID which can be found at:
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What's the matter?
Mark1225 May 20, 2015
Good good good,
ulyvaz Aug 14, 2014
Just received my free cookie for this servey, but that's not the reason why I'm posting this. The subway employees were really kind and had great costumer service !! Can't wait to come back!
gaballan May 28, 2014
tioga5 May 03, 2014
I went to store number54361 in Spokane, Wa. I must tell you that this young man that waited on me, I believe his name is Noah, was the most helpful and polite employee I have ever had help me in any of your stores.
It was around 6:00 p.m. this evening. The veggie sandwich was terrific. I shall only be using this store because of this young man. He should be in training, if he is not already...I do not eat cookies, so that is not why I took time to do this. I thought you should know what awesome service I received.
Thank you kindly,
mayra0717 Apr 17, 2014
I enjoy eating subway...
lgandard Apr 17, 2014
This "free cookie" is a crock! I've taken their 1 minute survey twice now & have never gotten my " free cookie" code!! Each time I spent $25 for gift cards. $50 dollars spent in 2 visits & I can't even get a free cookie!
AGTurbetti Mar 25, 2014
Enjoy Your Food. Like you have Tuna during Lent.
AGTurbetti posted 1 hour ago |
AGTurbetti Mar 25, 2014
I go often, it't great
Jackefay Sep 03, 2013
it was great
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Claydra Jul 22, 2013
I always enjoy your food. Love even mow so when specials are going on. When I had breast cancer all I eat were your sub sandwiches because they are sooo healthy and delicious. Now that I'm cancer free praise God I still eat subway sandwichs with all the vegetables,vinegar , olive oil , salt and pepper. So keep on serving us health food !!!!
katiacastro987 Jan 15, 2013
i love subway
vimalr Jun 05, 2012
this has been there for a while. I see the offer in my receipt. but never did it.
whb52ford Jun 05, 2012
I did survey and gave to clerk, clerk said our manager does not honor the free cookie. 425 State St, Erie, PA
xptrish Jun 05, 2012
Apparently that "Manager" doesn't have a clue about customer service! Why chance losing a customer over a cookie? Jeez.
dvinegrace83 Jun 05, 2012
agreed! at the end of the day they throw away the old ones anyway! might as well have given a few away and made some customers happy. dumb
dealwagger Jun 06, 2012
That's like when grocery stores are throwing away the bananas that have spots rather than give them away or donate...
branie Jun 05, 2012
I just had a cookie from Subway the other day and it was so fresh and gooey :) Nice find and thank you.
krmills1 Jun 05, 2012
Subway has got the best tasting cookies! My wife brings them home all the time, because she works beside a subway restaurant.
ArtemisDeals Jun 05, 2012
I love the subway cookies :) Yummy. Thanks for sharing so i can get one of these yummy things :)
msvasque Jun 05, 2012
Thank you for the coupon. The coupon is only valid at the store I entered at.