Temple Run | Box Cat | Monster Life Free for iOS

Right now, these three popular games are available for free download on the app store for a limited time. Download now for your iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad!

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What's the matter?
seanvcxz Aug 05, 2012
I play temple run at least once a day every day. It's extremely addicting and completely worth downloading! Strongly recommended.
additc Aug 04, 2012
encorez Aug 04, 2012
I put it on my ipad thanks fun game.
YesBoss Aug 04, 2012
My Daughter Loves Temple Run, Looks Like Good Fun.
zoneric Aug 04, 2012
does this game work only on the iPhone? or does it work on other smartphones?
YesBoss Aug 04, 2012
Those Three Games Works Only On All Apple Products.
zoneric Aug 04, 2012
ok, thanks for the info :)
vimalr Aug 04, 2012
I am downloading temple run using my itunes.
ancagavs Aug 04, 2012
I never played this game. I do not have an iPhone. does it work on other devices?
psplove Aug 04, 2012
Great freebie app. Thanks for posting
nimase85 Aug 03, 2012
Thanks for sharing these apps with me I always love any app I can get my hands of for free I am such an app junkie
nimrodboy3 Aug 03, 2012
Temple Run is pretty fun..very simple concept..but yeah..fun..that's all i was playing for a while
bigsike Aug 03, 2012
Or just get it for Free always on Android, ugh forget it you guys will never understand.
arsiel Aug 04, 2012
Hahaha, I can appreciate an Android even though I will probably end up being an iPhone person in the end. Too many options isn't good for some people
hemalaa Aug 03, 2012
I play temple run on my touchpad. Iphone would be awesome.
arsiel Aug 03, 2012
I play Temple Run pretty often too! Very addicting. I'm proud of my 2 million + score (; Great way to kill time haha
bvkakalot Aug 04, 2012
My highest score is 16 millions and I stop playing that
already. :))
arsiel Aug 04, 2012
That's disgusting! I can't even IMAGINE a 16 million score or how long it could possibly take... I hope you used a lot of of those special power up thingies
branie Aug 03, 2012
I play Temple Run all the time, fun game. Free is excellent, nice find.