The Scale of the Universe 2

Everyone knows the universe is a gigantic place. The distance between the Earth and the Moon is hard to imagine, but the distance between the Sun and the nearest star is many times greater!

The Scale of the Universe is an innovative website that puts it all in perspective. You'll be able to zoom out to the estimated size of the known universe. You'll be able to zoom in to the smallest particles theorized by quantum mechanics.

Each object has a measurement and a short blurb with fun facts attached. You can spend hours zooming in and out!
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What's the matter?
RayLakhan May 14, 2012
Good read thanks
zdog23 May 14, 2012
way cool!
rd995 May 13, 2012
this is nice, my son will love this will show him tomorrow after he comes home from school
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xptrish May 13, 2012
That's Great!I get so absorbed in the science of it all.
It's all so fascinating.
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