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UBIShop - (Price Mistake) All Games FREE

Simply add games to your cart and they are discounted 100% OFF (making them free). Probably won't honor the price mistake but worth a shot.
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What's the matter?
mugsisme Jun 15, 2011
Last week we made a bit of a mistake. Okay fine, we added an extra zero
in the wrong place, but who hasn’t done that?

While the purchase you made at 100% off unfortunately can’t be
honored, we are able to offer you a coupon for 20% off your entire
UBIShop order.*
andres_tabris Jun 14, 2011
All my orders got cancelled.
xMrMariox Jun 14, 2011
They just cancelled my order. :/
mugsisme Jun 12, 2011
I have a pending charge on my credit card for $7 for the 11 games I ordered....
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becky457 Jun 11, 2011
I see this is a Staff Pick. I thought made a point not to take the low road and that's one way it differentiates itself from a certain popular, but slimy deals site.
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ragingwookiee Jun 11, 2011
I wouldn't get too worked up about this post. If UBISOFT feels cheated they will simply cancel all orders and blacklist any license keys that got out. Or they may choose to fulfill these orders as a great publicity stunt (others have done so in the past) and both they and the consumer would benefit.

Either way they received a good deal of free marketing yesterday. I don't know about you, but it's been a long time since I've thought about the UBISOFT least until yesterday.
becky457 Jun 11, 2011
There is a lot of rage, hypocrisy, and ill will which accompanies cancelled orders. Some companies go ahead and fulfill them in order to avoid a negative reaction.
andres_tabris Jun 11, 2011
If you dropped a $100 bill on the street, would u expect to get it back?

would u blame yourself for your carelessness/own mistake or others for taking it?
elmotactics Jun 11, 2011
I really doubt there would be a negative reaction if a mistake that made everything free was suddenly fixed and no games shipped. Everyone would say "aww darn" and move on. Most companies reserve the right to cancel orders for ANY reason. So if they didn't cancel the orders from this mix-up, then it means that they either did it on purpose, or saw it as great, essentially free advertising.
xMrMariox Jun 10, 2011
Who cares if we are stealing. That's their fault not ours. ^^

I just got a confirm email from them and the invoice says they are free.
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becky457 Jun 11, 2011
That's a convenient excuse. Would you still feel the same way if it were your parents and somebody cheated them out of their life savings and their home?
xMrMariox Jun 11, 2011
What does that have to do with this issue? LOL Does it really matter anyways? The fact is that its their fault for this mistake and that they will pay for it.

I bet you will be all over this mistake if Sony or Microsoft or even your favorite company did this.
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becky457 Jun 10, 2011
I wouldn't call this a deal. I'd call it stealing from an honest business who has done nothing to deserve being exploited in such an unethical way.
becky457 Jun 11, 2011
So where are the rest of the cowards who are hiding behind their thumbs down instead of defending this deal? xMrMariox thinks it's ok to take advantage because it's the company's fault. Do the rest of you agree with this justification also?
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n2imagination Jun 10, 2011
DONE... They completely pulled the pc side of the house down to fix it since that is instant download so I bet if you got in like wookiee and were already downloading then you may be in luck, otherwise its shut down and I would be amazed if they honor the shipped games. Cool find though.
mugsisme Jun 10, 2011
Well, ordered 11 games, see what happens.
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pipipig Jun 10, 2011
works! hmm.. probably will get cancelled.
keaton Jun 10, 2011
I quickly added 2 PS3 games (Assassin's Creed Brotherhood & Prince of Persia) plus one digital down load for Dawn of Discovery. I can't wait to see if the games come.
n2imagination Jun 10, 2011
AAAAAHHHHHH! Had 4 games in cart and got greedy. Went for fifth game and they are fixing it now. Damn! I really wanted that Far Cry.

"The page you tried to access was not found. It is possible that the page has moved or that you entered an incorrect URL. may also be temporarily unavailable due to routine server maintenance. Please check back later.
becky457 Jun 10, 2011
Please do not swear. It's offensive.
andres_tabris Jun 10, 2011
hope it works!
ragingwookiee Jun 10, 2011
I chose digital downloads for my PC games. Already downloading but hope the serial numbers don't get blocked.
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n2imagination Jun 10, 2011
Actually I did like wookiee also on one of the games and did pc. Downloading now.
midoriii Jun 10, 2011
not working anymore page not found
arun008 Jun 10, 2011
store is down
PLUSME Jun 10, 2011
Its not is slow.
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arun008 Jun 10, 2011
yea never mind it was just slow... my bad
airlinesinc Jun 10, 2011
tried it and got $250 in kinect games. thanks. we will see if this works...