Vistaprint: Free 2 Photo Calendars, 100 Holiday Postcards, & 140 Holiday Address Labels (Just Pay S&H)

+ $4–$10 Shipping

About this Deal

Currently, Vistaprint is offering up 10 different FREE personalized Holiday Photo items: 10 Flat and Folded Holiday Cards, a Wall Calendar, a Desk Photo Calendar, 100 Holiday Postcards, a Tote, 140 Holiday Labels, a Mug, a Stamp, & 250 Business Cards. All you’ll need to pay is shipping.

I was able to snag a customized 2012 desktop calendar, customized 2012 wall calendar, 140 Holiday Return Address Labels (made them into gift labels), and 100 Holiday Postcards all for ONLY $10.07 shipped!

Here’s how you can too…
* Click "See It" and choose one of the 10 free photo products
* Customize the product with your own picture (or use one of the free images available!)
* Add to your cart
* Once added to your cart, close your window and click "See It" again
* Choose another one of the 10 free photo products
* Repeat the above steps until you have added all the free photo products that you would like
* Head to checkout and choose the slow (21 days) shipping option (it usually never takes this long!)
* Your shipping should range anywhere from $4.41 – $10+ depending on how many items you order.

Side Note:
If you are having issues uploading photos and are getting charged an upload fee, you may want to check out this tip…
1. Create the calender FIRST
2. Continue to other projects
3. When the other projects asks you to upload, look at the bar on the top of the upload that says our Vistaprint pictures.
4. Click that and select one of the pictures
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Comments (2)

horrorfreakshow (L4)
Nov 21, 2011
do they have a phisical store you can visit to get free shipping?
nimase85 (L5)
Nov 21, 2011
I don't think so

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