Windows 8 Guide | 50 Questions and Answers You Need to Make a Decision

A guide to help you make an informed decision and determine the best way to use Windows 8 personally or professionally.

This Windows 8 guide is a comprehensive collection of answers to the most popular questions asked over the past three years. It's roughly 100 pages of simple, easy to understand questions and clear answers about Windows 8. It's everything you need to make the right decision.
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What's the matter?
abu5692 Jan 24, 2013
Nice find Windows 8 ? I will wait at leat for 6 months before upgrade.
poe601 Jan 22, 2013
Great to have questions answered first before switching, thanks for link.
alecupope Jan 22, 2013
I thought about switching to Windows 8. but Windows 7 works great on my laptop.
ukaran Jan 22, 2013
For understanding Windows this is very useful. Nice Find
alecupope Jan 22, 2013
if you really want to upgrade to Windows 8, this is a good read.
MrBklynW Jan 22, 2013
awesome freebie. thanks for sharing
blackfoot Jan 21, 2013
Nice freebie offer windows users to help make a decision.
Dexterous Jan 21, 2013
Nice freebie, good find here. Thanks
kffight3r Jan 21, 2013
I really hate windows 8 and the lack of the start button. I downgraded back to 7 Ultimate.
ancagavs Jan 22, 2013
there's no start button? well, how do you shut down the PC?
alecupope Jan 22, 2013
waht do you mean by "lack of start button"? so,where do you search for programs and stuff?
kffight3r Jan 22, 2013
ya it's basically the biggest difference. I downloaded a 3rd party program to get the start menu back in there. I could not figure out a way to shut down besides doing ctrl+f4 or signing off from the windows menu. It's just weird all around and half of the motherboards out there will have compatibility issues - My $300 Asus board did not have the right drivers to OC.
kffight3r Jan 22, 2013
So to answer the questions above more directly, you just can't do it. You can search for apps and stuff in the windows menu. It basically looks like a cellphone OS rather than a PC OS
Cworld14 Jan 23, 2013
I love windows 8 and there is a start button. Just go to the lower left hand corner and it becomes visible. No 3rd party app needed. Most people that don't like 8 are just afraid of something this new but it is far more stable, quicker and safer than any other windows version.
kffight3r Jan 23, 2013
dude what are you talking about. You are looking at the Windows app window. That is not the iconic start button. There is no search all programs, shut down, control panel, etc options in that window.
kffight3r Jan 24, 2013
It's not just the look. The functionality is very different. Have you used it? It is not practical at all. Most people hate it. That windows menu is developed for phones not OS. If you have a windows phone, it's the same menu. There is a reason why there are millions of downloads on the iconic start menu 3rd party apps. And driver incompatibility is a huge issue right now. I would stay away for a more stable release for most people with 1 year or older motherboards.
kffight3r Jan 24, 2013
And your links are not talking about enabling the start menu itself. It is talking about the Windows 8 menu that I mentioned above.
Cworld14 Jan 24, 2013
I have windows 8 on a new non touch screen laptop and I really like it. I watched a lot of tutorials on windows 8 and did a lot of research as well. What is it about the start menu that you can't live without? You can get to any program as quick or quicker and turn on and off your computer as well. Do you have windows 8? If is far more stable and metro CANNOT crash.
kffight3r Jan 24, 2013
depending on your hardware and drivers, Asus board for example has 0 Windows 8 support (the ones that are over 1 year old), which means you can't OC anything. I need the start menu to get to edit registries, get to my control panel faster, use commands like msconfig, etc. You can do that too on Windows 8- it just takes way longer and way more annoying. I installed it and then downgraded. You realize all it is is a marketing scheme right. They are trying to compete with Apple for apps and they are forcing this phone OS on us so we will browse and use Msft apps.
aznballa161 Jan 21, 2013
nice. i have windows 8 and it's difficult to use. this will help
nimase85 Jan 21, 2013
This Windows 8 Guide would be perfect for my computer illiterate parents I will be sure to pass it on
newguy Jan 21, 2013
I like freebies :)