Maternity No Panel Five-Pocket Ponte Pants/Jeans

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They'll never know they're maternity pants. We've updated your favorite skinny fit in a soft and stretchy black ponte and our most discreet waistband -- low-rise and stretchy, without an added panel.

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There are many smart moves to make when purchasing clothes while pregnant:

1. Get a good pair of maternity jeans. Jeans are a great item that will go with nearly any top. If you have jeans, then you can get by without having to purchase too many bottoms.

2. Make sure that all the bottoms you buy either have draw string or elastic waists. This way the pants, skirts, or shorts will grow with you and so you will not have to keep purchasing more bottoms throughout the entire pregnancy.

3. Comfort comes first when purchasing maternity clothes. Being pregnant is uncomfortable enough. Adding on more discomfort may become intolerable.

4. Second to comfort comes style. Make sure that you enjoy the look of the clothes. You don‘t have to settle on something less appealing to be comfortable. There are tons of maternity clothes that give you both comfort and fashion.

5. Don‘t buy maternity wear until your current clothes are becoming uncomfortably tight. If you purchase too early, you may find that your choices don‘t feel as comfortable as you first thought.

6. When you are trying on maternity clothes, put a pillow under the clothes where your belly is to make sure that the clothes will still work once your belly has grown. Most retail stores will have pillows in the changing rooms. When buying online buy from companies that use pregnant models.

7. Make sure that shirts give you a little growing room in the chest area.

8. Don‘t buy maternity t-shirts. Instead check around with friends and relatives who are larger than you to see if you can borrow their t-shirts. You may also find other clothing pieces of theirs that will work until you can buy your own pieces.

9. Buy only a few pieces of maternity apparel at a time. This way you can save money for the end of the pregnancy when your waistline demands the most room.

10. Check around with friends and family to see if you can get hand-me-down maternity clothes. You may have a group of friends who passes around a box of clothes each time one of you is expecting.

Buying maternity clothes doesn‘t have to be a chore. It can be just as much fun as any other kind of shopping. Just remember the tips above for saving some money while in the process of shopping for maternity clothes.
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HeadChefDJ (L0)
Jul 10, 2011
I love how you added the Maternity Clothes Buying Tips! I always hated shopping when I was pregnany because I felt like I was putting everything on wrong... lol!
DJ6ualBlogger (L0)
Jul 09, 2011
Okay for whatever reason these two codes/links don't wanna post so I am going to try to put them in a comment:

15% off $75 at Gap Outlet In-store Printable Gap Coupon [Exp. 02/29/12]

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