Ginsu 04817 International Traditions 14-Piece Knife Set with Block

- Set includes 7 kitchen knives, 6 steak knives, and natural colored hardwood block
- Symmetrically-cut, two-dimensional serrated edges for precision slicing
- Stainless-steel blades never needs sharpening
- Full tangs triple-riveted to bakelite handles
- For left- or right-handed use; limited lifetime guarantee
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What's the matter?
Acarone Dec 05, 2013
good deal, thanks for the update!
FibroMom Oct 24, 2013
Price: $49.99 & FREE Shipping
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FibroMom Oct 23, 2013
$20.80 + $24.90 shipping
In stock. Usually ships within 4 to 5 days. Sold by Sams Online
poojam Jun 04, 2013
This set has knifes of almost all size !!amazing.
wzhenwei Jun 03, 2013
Great deal thanks for sharing it!
additc Jun 03, 2013
these last a good 5 yrs or so
nimase85 Jun 03, 2013
This is a really nice looking knife set especially for this price I will be sure to pass it on... Thanks for sharing
nimase85 Jun 03, 2013
after reading through the reviews ans seeing the customer pictures i would be careful buying these knifes they rust rather easily
ilene285 Jun 03, 2013
This is a really nice knife set. Great price too.
dvinegrace83 Jun 03, 2013
i remember when this brand was advertised on tv infomercial. it was very intriguing back then. anyone have personal experience with teh quality of this brand?
backspace Jun 03, 2013
Love to have this for my kitchen..excellent set.
arsiel Jun 03, 2013
Looks like the price went back up to $36.99 :(
DealLeader Jun 03, 2013
Wow! That's a fantastic price for this.
mr_slow Jun 03, 2013
Nice sets. Would be a awesome gift for my sister. Thanks for sharing this deal!
arsiel Jun 03, 2013
Wow looks like a great price for an entire set of knives. Reviews are pretty good too.
bikrrr Jun 03, 2013
Price is now up to $36.99 for me.
lilywow Jun 03, 2013
I have always wanted to buy a knife set that is inexpensive
littlexu Jun 03, 2013 shows 36.99 now. Did I miss the deal?
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LisaNtom08 Jun 03, 2013
Wow awesome price for this!!
Kritsy Jun 03, 2013
awesome price thanks for sharing it!!!!!
lilbigace360 Jun 03, 2013
great price for this knife set. I know someone that will like this deal
sly1960 Jun 03, 2013
nice price cut, thanks for this post!
Durr21 Jun 03, 2013
this is a great deal for so many knives awesome deal thanks
abu5692 Jun 03, 2013
Great 14-Piece Knife Set and good price.
supermawmaw4 Jun 03, 2013
Awesome price on this knife set
Nvaldera Jun 03, 2013
Sweet deal for a knife set! These work pretty good.
FibroMom Jun 03, 2013
Couldn't believe the price dropped this low! We don't NEED another set of knives - but I am getting one anyway! ;)
ramana_forums Jun 03, 2013
Find some cheap items to break $25 and get free shipping
zoneric Jun 03, 2013
great set of knives. great price. nice!
lotuslove19 Jun 03, 2013
A perfect set of knives for my kitchen.The price is good too.
branie Jun 03, 2013
Sold by Infutech Inc. is a bit cheaper. Reviews are good for the most part and I guess the word rust will always be associated with knives,jmo.
sorinlandiana Jun 03, 2013
I am delighted because the set is perfect for me. I cook a lot.
hemalaa Jun 03, 2013
great deal for the knife set. Has good reviews too.
poe601 Jun 03, 2013
Great deal and reviews on a good set of knives.
ancagavs Jun 03, 2013
great discount on this set of knives. thank you!
alecupope Jun 03, 2013
a lot of knives. great price for the set.
Jlowry Jun 02, 2013
not bad. I was reading some of the reviews and it seems like they may rust quickly. But overall they get a decent rating
tpark6283 Jun 02, 2013
What a great price, I have these and I love them!
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glwrks Jun 02, 2013
@tpark6283 Good to know...and good to see another price drop:)
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glwrks May 21, 2013
Price drop - Now $34.99!
tylamro Jul 05, 2012
Great set for the kitchen. Might have to get some!
mikhaila Jul 05, 2012
Great price I need a new set
shimisi Jul 05, 2012
Nice deal! Easy enough to find a $2.01 item on Amazon to get Free Shipping :)
Subha83 Jul 05, 2012
So nice 14 piece set for $23 need one.Thanks for sharing.
rockinnrolla Jul 05, 2012
What a GREAT price on this knife set! Super find!
lincufif Jul 05, 2012
I think is very useful
Dexterous Jul 05, 2012
wow great set with so many knives, good price too