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Google Checkout Offers | Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals 2012

Last couple of days. Ends Dec 16th

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What's the matter?
nicedo Dec 14, 2010
google checkout???OH,I am out,I do not know that.
lightingever Dec 14, 2010
product of google can be trade here ,ok ,i admit i am out
xtinaz Dec 14, 2010
mike13 Dec 14, 2010
nice to have this back!
tonytan Dec 14, 2010
nice !!
akaricke Dec 14, 2010
Last couple of days. Ends Dec 16th
nimrodboy3 Nov 23, 2010
akaricke Nov 23, 2010
View all offers link is bugged. Try this

And thanks! for the post
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alma85 Jun 15, 2010
good thing!
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Janniesue51 Dec 15, 2009
I don't think it worked for me. Purchased at with google checkout and I didn't get $5 off the bill. At least I got free shipping and 7% bing cashback.
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Dec 15, 2009
Not working for me, tried to use it at and went all the way to the end before hitting 'purchase' and it is still not taking the 5 dollars off. I am trying to buy an xbox live 12 month membership card.
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hoabruce Dec 15, 2009
Great info thx!
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pipipig Nov 30, 2009
when will the $10 off $10 be back? I bought like 3-4 items Free using that.
bvkakalot Nov 30, 2009
are u serious???
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moose Dec 15, 2009
Yea i miss that ...many items free using that
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ellis Jun 08, 2009
Google Checkout offers deals for Dads and Grads. Current offers are not as good as previous offers.
moose Nov 25, 2008
meh.. these were cool when it 1st launched and it was $10 off $10 or more!.. Got some GREAT deals back then
dripdd Nov 25, 2008
Ya!! there were a lot of super deals. I hope they will bring the offer back.
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smallzfsu Jun 08, 2009
D00d, Moose, u no google is gonna take over the world right? Theyre gonna see this post and totally pwn you! :P
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moose Jun 08, 2009
Hahhahahah... Google will never take me ALIVE!!
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magik Nov 25, 2008
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dundidit Nov 27, 2007
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azndemon10 Apr 09, 2007
google is so cool and usful
QuadraQ Apr 03, 2007
Be careful! Only participating stores give you the discount. Other non-participating Google stores won't give you any discount, which I found out the hard way.
zewdigg Apr 02, 2007
i used this and got a free laptop fan... awesome
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vectra5 Apr 02, 2007
I love google checkout, saves me lots of $$!
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dsweetestangel Apr 02, 2007
too bad only for new accounts...
Flaminfire Apr 02, 2007
Aeropostale is smelled wrong in the description.
koolio852 Apr 02, 2007
koolio852 Apr 02, 2007
i dont smell anything
Flaminfire Apr 02, 2007
haha my bad XD, sPelled.
twilliams75 Mar 31, 2007
Man they are giving out free cash? jackpot
gindernation Feb 19, 2007
sorry guys i mean froogle. i typed it wrong!!

gindernation Feb 19, 2007
will this work in groogle?? just wondering?
altoids123 Feb 19, 2007
Thanks God its back again!
daegyptian91 Feb 17, 2007
The deal is alive again.
Breex243 Feb 15, 2007
GUYS! I found a working link to download it!
Breex243 Feb 15, 2007
nix that, i'm still not getting it to work-anyone get this to work?
shreveyboy Jan 11, 2007
how do you download the paypal program?
folta Feb 08, 2007
not a program.
web based payment system.
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Breex243 Feb 15, 2007
Folta, you are wrong-you need to download a program

How do I download and install PayPal Virtual Debit Card?

Follow these steps to download and install PayPal Virtual Debit Card.

1. Log in to your account.
2. Click Profile.
3. Click the PayPal Virtual Debit Card link in the Financial Information column.
4. Click the Download link and follow the steps.

Once you download PayPal Virtual Debit Card, a demo will automatically play that will walk you through the process of completing a transaction.
Breex243 Feb 15, 2007
however, it appears that I was not invited into beta testing and thus I cannot participate
big_gulps Jan 11, 2007
you're gonna get banned if you make to many accounts
coupcoup Jan 11, 2007
Then, I need to be careful since I already made 4 accounts.
Jaymoon Apr 02, 2007
Google emails you telling you when they detect multiple accounts under one address/CC (I'm assuming)...

They don't ban you right away. They tell you not to create anymore accounts, and they cancel your last order once they catch you.
ujaas Jan 09, 2007
i took the google $20 check out for granted

who ever that guy who said you only miss the things once its gone it 100% correct lol
shreveyboy Jan 09, 2007
umm how do you get this paypal program?
AshishA Jan 09, 2007
this is good!!!
JSaya Jan 09, 2007 - I tried ordering JUST the socks $6.25 + $5.95 + Tax (FL) : $0.41 Total: $12.61 - made 3 new accounts with PREVIOUSLY USED CREDIT CARDS and wasn't working - SO I went back and changed Quantity to 2 and voila! It took off the $10... but now I don't want to pay Total: $9.27 for 6pk - $2.61* for 3pk woulda been nice! I'm so stingy!
JSaya Feb 05, 2007
Please note - a minimum purchase amount may be required - for ex. and must be at least $10 purchase (before shipping) to be eligible! - from experience.
coupcoup Jan 07, 2007
I am working on a Google Checkout Group. I hope it helps you guys.
slashsl Jan 06, 2007
you can not use the same credit card

register new e-mail anywhere and
use PayPal virtual credit card to generate UNLIMITED credit card numbers to register NEW google checkout account...
coupcoup Jan 07, 2007
Confirmed. You can use a same credit card and shipping address. You only need to have a different email address.
slashsl Jan 07, 2007
you're right
my credit card was declined few times because of google's buggy "auto-correction" system
when i triple check everything by myself it started to work
Jaymoon Apr 02, 2007
I got away with it about 4 or so times... Then Google emails you saying don't do it anymore, and they cancel your last order.

So be carefull...
moneymaker Jan 05, 2007
You can use the same credit card on different accounts.
smogbean Jan 04, 2007
You can create a new account with a different email and credit card. The shipping address can be same.