The Mini Talking Chewie

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This is the diminutive Chewbacca that speaks in an authentic Wookiee voice when he is hugged. Though "Chewie" was actually 7 1/2' tall, this plush doll places his immense furry head on a miniature body better suited for cuddling. When Chewie's tummy is squeezed, he expresses his appreciation in his native Shyriiwook language, which sound like growls and roars to the rest of us. Tremendously strong, fiercely loyal, and unabashedly sentimental, Chewbacca will happily serve as co-pilot on many a young rebel commander's intergalactic adventures. The furry "fuzzball" (as Han Solo jokingly called him) comes ready for action, wearing his bandolier and carrying pouch, and his thick coat can be surface cleaned. Includes one button battery. All ages. 26" H x 13" W x 13" D. (5 lbs.)
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What's the matter?
dvinegrace83 Sep 28, 2012! that's hilarious! i usually hate having mroe stuffed animals around here, but i might make an exception for chewie!
Christine Sep 28, 2012
awww this guy is absolutely adorableeee
akaricke Sep 28, 2012
lmao that is funny looking. My nephew loves Star Wars
FibroMom Sep 28, 2012
SO CUTE! My oldest grandson is a BIG Star Wars Fan - I will have to send this link to his mom! Thanks. :)
omegafemale Sep 28, 2012
i can't imagine what else he might say - other than the roar that he does. ;)
ReturninVideoTps Sep 28, 2012
Haha this is adorable. Great for a little star wars fan
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