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Jun 06, 2021
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PROTECT YOUR PLANTS - Let's face it. Plants attract insects. And sometimes a fly killer can be as simple as yellow adhesive fly strips. Sticky fly traps attract unwanted insects with their bright yellow color. And, once an insect lands on your trap, it can't fly away. And, unlike fly traps outdoor hanging strips, these bug traps stay firmly planted in the soil around your plants. Protection is as easy as setting your sticky traps and letting them do their job.
🚫 MOSQUITO TRAP, GNAT TRAP, AND MORE - These fruit fly traps for kitchen and garden use catches more than just fruit flies. Your fly paper also attracts fruit flies, fungus gnats, mosquitoes, whiteflies, aphids, leaf miner flies, midges, thrips, and even works as a gnat trap indoor catcher. This non-toxic fly catcher your solution to a bug-free home. Set up a few fruit fly traps inside or outside in the garden and enjoy.
🙏 NON-TOXIC YELLOW STICKY TRAPS - The fly paper used for these fly killer indoor & outdoor traps is non-toxic, which means you can use your fungus gnat killer for indoor plants around food, children, and animals! You'll be relieved to use your non-toxic gnat traps for house plants and outdoor plants without worryi. Set up is easy, and each super sticky flies killer will act fast. Your plants will be back to a peaceful state in no time at all.
🌿 GARDEN SERENITY - We've all been there. Fruit flies can be overwhelming. Flying insect spray didn't work, either. You need a fly/mosquito catcher that works. And this fly catcher indoor/outdoor trap works. Your fruit fly trap indoor/outdoor will attract the insects to its yellow color. Outdoor/indoor fly traps have been tested and proven effective. Plus, these are shaped like flowers and butterflies, which makes them fly traps indoor top rated.
🌎 AN OUTDOOR FLY TRAP YOU CAN RELY ON - It can be a challenge finding the right fruit fly killer from a reliable, trustworthy company. When you buy your fly tape/gnat sticky traps from us, you’re buying from a small, local business that has your back. You’re buying from a company located right here in the USA ⁠— where the quality of your indoor mosquito trap and sticky traps for bugs come first, period. You’ll be relieved knowing this outdoor/indoor fly trap and insect trap has your back.
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