HP Smart Buy 2btn Usb Laser Mouse (GW405AT)

HP Smart Buy 2btn Usb Laser Mouse (GW405AT)
2. $20 mail-in rebate [Exp 4/30/09]
3. Final Price: $16 - $40 = Gain $4 + Free Shipping
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What's the matter?
kiran_uoh Apr 14, 2009
They didn't pay extra $4 amount!! paid only $16
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Feb 08, 2009
Umm...The whole concept behind a rebate is that *most* people will either forget to send in their rebate form, or screw it up somehow. It allows them to advertise it at a lower price, but still make money, since most wont be getting the rebate.
scatman Feb 08, 2009
Good for a back up mouse. Don't freak out everyone. It's a mouse.
Feb 08, 2009
if u read the rebate, it says they will pay you the full amount or the amount that you paid for, whichever is less...
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tamqoppa Feb 08, 2009
if u read the rebate, it says that they will give you the full $20 or the amount you paid for it, whichever is less... so ur not going to make any money this time around.
caffeinelover Feb 08, 2009
Just got my rebate from the last time they had this deal. Took about 8 weeks but worked - made about $4/mouse.
Dec 19, 2008
This happens all the time, the question is are you gunna fill out the mail in rebate form, and then wait for 8 weeks to get your money. And Puerto Rico IS IN THE US OF A.
dvinegrace83 Dec 18, 2008
WHAT, they pay you to buy their product? I've never heard of that in my life! For some reason that scares me, like one day some funny business is going to show up on my credit card statement from that retailer.
tehk1w1 Dec 18, 2008
That did seem a bit odd. No one PAYS you for buying their product.
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Dec 04, 2008
Rebate form goes to Puerto Rico. Think I will pass although in past I have got stuff for free or made money on it but rebates were handled in the US of A.
betawaffles Dec 04, 2008
That's interesting, so take my comment with a grain of salt I suppose but most rebates do say in fine print you can't get back more than what you paid for.
squiggy Dec 04, 2008
I got $30 back on a $5 sofware package, thereby making $25 a few months ago. So you do get more than you pay....sometimes.
Eve15 Dec 04, 2008
Interesting. Credible retailer?
betawaffles Dec 04, 2008
Yes because when the company asks for the invoice to go with the product rebate and see you only paid $16 for it, they are happily going to send you $4 for buying their product...