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About H&R Block

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H&R Block is a leading provider of tax preparation services worldwide with a network of over 11,000 locations. Find a H&R Block Location and file your taxes at H&R Block locations or file your federal return for free online. File Online today for your maximum refund with free tax advice and support. Save up to 30% off all online services or tax software with an H&R Block coupon and tax service discount.

Tax Filing Options:

There are 3 tax filing options available at H&R Block. See which option suits your need the most, cost of filing for each option and what resources are available. Every e-file form is guaranteed maximum refund, 100% accuracy and free in-person audit support. Every option also comes with an Extra Bonus courtesy of H&R Block.
  • 1. File Taxes Online - H&R Block offers several e-file service and they offer an online version that is best for first-time filers, free of charge. They also offer Basic, Deluxe and Premium online tax filing each of which caters to homeowners, investors, self-employed or rental property owners.
    • Additional online tools include: Business Owners Tax Tools & Health Insurance Enrollment

  • 2. Tax Filing Software - H$R Block has 4 different filing software versions available with additional features for homeowners and business owners
    • Additional software tools: Prior Year Returns & ACA Healthcare Taxes
    • H&R Block Tax Software from Other Online Retailer: close to tax season, many online tech retailer offers extreme discounts and rebates on tax software so be sure to search for tax softwares deals and compare to maximize your savings!

  • 3. File Taxes with a Pro - Find a tax prep professional in your area that offers not only tax filing services but also: free ACA tax impact analysis, personalized account, payment options, free second review and more!
  • 4. Products & Services - although not a tax filing option, H&R provides a range of tax related services that can be of great help with tax returns so we suggest you take a look and get the most out of their services!

Exploring H&R Block Tools & Offers:

  • H&R Block Emerald Card: the Emerald Card is an exclusive H&R prepaid MasterCard where members can earn instant cash rewards and it makes for a great budgeting method. The best thing about this card? There is no setup, monthly, overdraft or purchase fees!
  • H&R Block Tax Calculator: a free tool to help you calculate and understand your refund amount
  • H&R Block Budget Challenge: in 2014, H&R Block introduced their Budget Challenge program through Dollars & Sense providing teens with a portal and study tools to learn essential financial management skills to help prepare for a fiscally conservative future.
    $3 million dollars worth of scholarships and grant is available through financial management contests from the website, a great opportunity for college that can't be missed.

    Connect with H&R Block:

  • H&R Block Community: have questions? H&R has a community page where you can interact with other tax filers, share answers, and gather useful information before beginning the filing process.
  • H&R Block Facebook: follow H&R Block on Facebook for helpful tax filing, budgeting and tips article which are especially good reads when the new year rolls along. Once in awhile, H&R also offers prizes for their social media users!
  • H&R Block Compass: for avid learners, H&R also offers Income Tax Course via their Compass center. An array of financial management and income courses are offered with certification available. They offer a great trial course for those exploring a new career as a tax preparer or just to learn more about tax management in general.
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