Valentines Day Sale + 25% Off Your Entire Purchase + F/S

*updated with a 25% off code*

Use coupon code: "SDPLV" for 25% off your entire purchase + F/S


$25 off $89, $50 off $175+ w/code "SXM50"


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amazplusfeed Feb 02, 2012
So beautiful !! I want to get one!
crazypotato Feb 02, 2012
Nice Valentine's present,I'll get one for my girl,she like it though I send her a ring last year.
aburns1988 Feb 01, 2012
Dont forget cashback sites I got 8% back on top of the savings
jessicasiny Feb 01, 2012
Nice Valentine's gift!
jdubbs Feb 01, 2012
I was also able to get coupon code SMNBV to work.
rocklife Feb 01, 2012
I really like this! I think I need to let me bf have a look at that!
newjerseychickxo Feb 01, 2012
Well,I like the ring,and the prices.I'm going to show someone I know about this sale. I think he will be very interested.Thanks:)
mikhaila Feb 01, 2012
belarus94 Feb 01, 2012
About time. Will get something nice for my wife
poe601 Feb 01, 2012
Nice Sale thanks for the links, never ordered from here but I may with this sale!
lowenf Feb 01, 2012
nice one!!
gangstabarbie Jan 31, 2012
what about mistress day which is the day after valentine's day?? ;)
zhn2011zhn Jan 31, 2012
nice deal,i just need to buy some gifts for my boyfriend!
blackfoot Jan 31, 2012
Nice for Valentine's. Rubies & Diamonds, oh my...
redapple20111314 Jan 31, 2012
Christine Jan 31, 2012
ooh nice sale! the additional discount is awesome =)