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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the DealsPlus Bookmarklet? - Show/hide
The DealsPlus Bookmarklet allows you to submit new deals easily using a single-click bookmark. You can add the bookmarklet to your browser and immediately start submitting deals rapidly!
I can't find my bookmark bar! - Show/hide
For Chrome Users: In the top right corner next to your url bar, click on the List Menu >> Bookmarks >> "Show Bookmark Bar"
For Firefox Users: Click on the View Menu » Toolbars » Bookmarks Toolbar
For Safari Users: Click the View Menu >> Show Favorites Bar
Any tips and tricks for using this bad boy? - Show/hide
Yes, indeed! One of the lesser-known features is that you can select some text with your mouse before you click the "Add to DealsPlus" button. This will automatically input the selected text either Title or the Description area of the submission process. The bookmarklet will automatically choose the section you're most likely selecting for.
I tried to submit a deal using the bookmarklet, and the submission page came up blank. What gives? - Show/hide
There could be a number of factors at work here. You may have tried to use the bookmarklet on a non-retail product page. Alternatively, the bookmarklet has a timeout of 20 seconds, which means that if the server of the URL you are trying to submit is slow or down, the DP bookmarklet will only keep trying for 20 seconds before it defaults to a blank page.
Why isn't the bookmarklet accurate all the time? - Show/hide
The bookmarklet won't ever be 100% accurate. This is due to the fact that different websites are structured differently. Although our bookmarklet bot has been configured to work with most retailers, it will not always be accurate in all situations. Thus, it is recommended that you double-check your deals before posting them!