Frequently Asked Questions

What is DealsPlus? - Show/hide

DealsPlus is a user-generated social shopping site where users can find, share, discuss, and enjoy the best deals and coupons available both online and in stores. Best of all, it's FREE to join!

We are not a retail or auction website and do not sell products directly to you. We simply search and share the best bargains available and direct you to the retailer offering the discount.

Where can I ask questions about a specific topic or share thoughts? - Show/hide

In our Ask a Question section! Under the main site heading, click on “More” and select “Forums” to contribute to our ever growing discussion on the best deals in our community.

You can browse by recent topics or by category (select from the right sidebar menu). Or, click “Post New Topic” in the top right-hand corner to start your own conversation thread.

How do I follow a user? - Show/hide

If you are on a user’s profile page, there is a red “Follow” button in the top right-hand corner (next to the message button). If you want to follow a user that created a deal you like, click the word “Follow” underneath their name. This user is found in the right-hand sidebar underneath the “See Deal” button and name of the store.

Make friends with someone in the comment or forum section? Click on their username to be taken to their profile where you can follow them there with the red button.

What happens when I follow a user? - Show/hide

When you follow a user, you are curating your front page experience to see more deals from them. Notice someone posts a lot of deals you enjoy from your favorite stores? Follow them! When you scroll through the homepage, you will come across sections highlighting the most recent deals from users that you follow. This helps you keep up with their postings without having to track down their page.

What are the Thumbs Up & Thumbs Down Buttons? - Show/hide

Just like in real life, a thumbs up indicates you like something. As deals get more thumbs up, they may appear in the Top Voted section (on the main page underneath Handpicked and Most Viewed). It is a signal to other users that this is a good deal. The more thumbs up a deal has, the more your fellow community members want to check it out.

Conversely, a thumbs down is just the opposite. Don’t like the deal? Think it isn’t that great? Thumb down. But remember all deals were submitted by someone who took the time to share it, so it is helpful if you pick a reason for your vote from our drop down menu and leave a comment.

If there is something wrong with the deal (inaccurate, expired, etc), click “Flag this Deal” and a moderator will address your concern.

Is DealsPlus free to use? - Show/hide

Yes! DealsPlus is FREE to use and join. There are no membership fees to participate.

What are "Hot Deals," "Heating Up" and "Fresh Deals?" - Show/hide

Hot Deals are an extension of our Handpicked deals from the homepage. See the most recent collection of deals that our community has declared the best--from views, votes and comments.

Heating Up Deals are on their way to becoming Hot. They are the deals quickly gaining popularity. Do you agree that this deal has hot potential? Open it up and leave a like and comment.

Fresh Deals are the newest deals submitted by our community. Though they haven’t had a chance to heat up yet, if you think they have potential, view it and leave a like and comment. You may be one of the first people to see the hottest deal of the day.

Why is the price on DealsPlus different from the price on the retailer's website? - Show/hide

There are several reasons the prices may not match. Be sure to read the description to make sure you haven’t missed any codes, details, or rebates. If you are positive that is not the case, it may be one of the following:

  1. Expired: The deal may have simply expired and is no longer available. Flag it so a moderator can take care of it.
  2. Price Dropped: It is possible the deal has gotten even better! Leave a comment to alert your fellow community members.
  3. Dynamic Pricing Structure: Certain websites, such as Amazon, feature dynamic pricing--meaning that the price swings up and down based on its popularity. A small difference in price is predictable.

What kinds of questions can I ask? - Show/hide

Our Ask & Share forum is your direct communication with the community as a whole. You can ask about DealsPlus itself, specific deals or coupons, products you are interested in, favorite stores, shopping habits, hobbies etc. Basically, anything that you are curious about or want to share with the community. Be sure to select an appropriate category when you submit a new topic so that it gets grouped with like-minded questions. All new questions start out on the main page as well!

Does DealsPlus have email subscriptions and/or RSS Feeds? - Show/hide

Yes! Subscribe to your favorite stores and get emails every time a good coupon comes out. (We promise only to send you the really good ones!). Every time one of your subscribed stores has a coupon sent out, you will receive our daily email - also featuring the top deals and offers of the day. You only receive emails when one of your subscribed stores sends out an alert, so subscribe to more stores to get emails more often!

If you are a fan of RSS feeds, we have two that you can subscribe to via iGoogle, My Yahoo!, Bloglines, and more. Check out Deals (current Handpicked Offers) All Deals.

What if I forgot my password? - Show/hide

No worries! When you click login, enter your email and then select “Forgot Password.” This will take you to a form where you can put your username or email and we will email you instructions on how to reset your password.

Does DealsPlus have its own language or something ... ? - Show/hide

Like any community, we have developed some lingo that you might not recognize. Here’s our cheat sheet:

  • DP: DealsPlus
  • OP: Original Post (or Original Poster)
  • FS: Free Shipping
  • MIR: Mail in Rebate - Provided by the manufacturer. Generally, you must show proof of purchase (receipt, UPC bar code) in order to receive a rebate.
  • AR: After Rebate
  • BOGO: Buy One Get One
  • YMMV: Your mileage may vary (usually reserved for offers that are available only to select accounts or in certain regions. Basically, not everyone will get the deal).
  • OOS: Out of stock
  • PM: Private/Personal Message
  • Repped: Some people say this to me they thumbed up and liked your deal!
  • Dup: Short for duplicate. It indicates that this deal already existed and the duplicate needs to be taken down.
  • MM: Money Maker. These are users who contribute heavily to our site--and make money doing so.

What does subscribing to a store mean? - Show/hide

While visiting a store page (where all the coupons are!) you will see a blue rectangle inviting you never to miss a deal, and a red button that says “Subscribe.” By clicking Subscribe, you are opting in for email alerts for this particular store. When a good coupon comes out, DealsPlus moderators will send it out to all the store’s subscribers. This is also how you receive our general email subscriptions. Every morning, if your store has a coupon that was sent out, you will receive an email with all the new and best coupons from your subscribed stores and the top deals of the day.

How do I submit a deal? - Show/hide

Just click the big "+" button at the top right corner of any page, then select "Deal/Product.” From here, paste the url of the product or sale you wish to post and click continue. Our system will grab as much info as it can from the original website. Anything that it leaves blank is up to you to fill out. And if there is a promo code, make sure to leave it in the description.

If your deal is a duplicate, a message will pop up and give you a few options. You can update the price or details of a deal to make it more accurate, or select “Continue” to submit your deal as a new deal. Please only select Continue if the deal you're submitting is different from the duplicate deal displayed.

What information should I include when I submit a deal? - Show/hide

Our system does its best to pull all information automatically, but it isn’t perfect. If the information is blank, you must fill it in yourself. Required information is marked: you must have a title, image, category, price, original price, expiration date, and at least one tag. Anything else is not mandatory but can be helpful in getting your deal noticed.

I just submitted a deal, and its not showing?! - Show/hide

If you are a new (Level 1) user, all of your deal submissions (and comments) will be moderated by the DealsPlus team, in order to prevent spam and self-promotion. If you are a certified user (Level 2 and above) and your deals still don't seem to be showing up, you can contact Customer Support.

Keep in mind that several stores request that all deals go through a moderation process and will always take extra time. You will see a message stating this if you submit a deal from one of these stores.

Oops! I messed up ... How do I edit my deal? - Show/hide

In the bottom right-hand corner of the deal, before the comment section, there are options to “Change Photo” and “Edit Deal.” When you select to edit your deal, information boxes will appear for you to change necessary information such as price, title, description, etc. There is also a drop-down menu to add, change, or remove an expiration date. If you don’t know the exact expiration date, you can set it to “Limited time.”

Keep in mind that if you edit information on one of our Handpicked or Hot deals it will need to be screened by a moderator for approval before you will see the change.

Are there any advantages to being a top DealsPlus user? - Show/hide

There are definite advantages to being a top user! Once you reach Level 2, you are considered a Certified User, which gives you the ability to post unlimited deals and comments each day. And, as your level increases, so does the power of your deals. The number of likes (or Thumbs Up) your deal starts with is equal to your level. So if you make it all the way to Level 5, your deal starts with 5 thumbs up! That’s a pretty good head start towards the Top Voted section where your deal can get even more exposure.

Your level is also a direct reference to your reputation and credibility. Our top users often gain many followers and in turn many views. This is important if you apply to our Money Maker program--where you can earn money for the views and clicks your deals/coupons receive. Applying and being accepted to this program is a huge benefit of higher status.

What are Tags? - Show/hide

Tags are a way to group together similar deals. For example, if you see a dress deal you enjoy with the tag “Dress,” you can click on that tag to see all the deals tagged “Dress.” You will also notice tagged sections on the homepage after our Handpicked, Most Viewed, and Top Voted deals. This will be a combination of tags you follow, and our currently trending tags.

What happens when I Follow a Tag? - Show/hide

Tags you follow will be the ones that populate your homepage after our Handpicked, Most Viewed, and Top Voted deals. This way, you can see the newest deals in your favorite categories and have a DealsPlus experience unique to you!

How do I submit a Coupon? - Show/hide

Similarly to submitting a deal, you start by clicking the big “+” button in the top right corner of any page. But instead of selecting “Deal/Product”, you select “Coupon”. From here, enter the marked required information, and any other information you can. You first select which store page you would like your coupon to appear on. Next, select your type of coupon (Online, In Store, In Store Coupon, or Weekly Ad). If you do not have a specific url to enter for your sale or coupon, the main website will be used automatically. When you enter your description, keep in mind that the first line will be the title of your coupon! Anything from the second line on will be the actual description.

How do I edit a Coupon? - Show/hide

Coupons are unable to be edited. So if you made a mistake or think something is wrong, either flag the coupon or leave a comment explaining the change that needs to be made. A moderator will see it and take care of it.

What is a Certified User? - Show/hide

When you reach Level 2 ranking, it means you have been made a Certified User. Certified users gain this status due to their consistent and valuable content—through deal submissions, comments on their fellow community members’ deals, and forum comments & thread creation. With this status, you can post unlimited deals each day and have them post immediately without going through a moderator first. Your comments and forum posts will now also publish immediately.

How do I change/update my DealsPlus account email? - Show/hide

Go to your user page (you can get there by clicking your avatar in the top right corner of any page). From there, click on Settings (at the bottom of the left panel labeled Dashboard). Click, “Manage Email Addresses” and enter your new desired email. You will get an email to confirm the new address. From that point, you can either set the new one as Primary or delete your old email.

What is the DealsPlus Chrome Extension - Show/hide

The DealsPlus Chrome Extension is a tool you can download in the Chrome Web Store that makes it easier to add deals from other websites with the click of a button, as well as see all the current coupons available for the website you are on. It is free to download and use. Get it today here.

How do I delete my account? - Show/hide

If you wish to delete your account on Dealsplus, please contact our customer service here with your request.

How do I use the DealsPlus Chrome Extension? - Show/hide

Using the extension is really easy. Once installed, you will see an purple “dp” icon on the top right hand side of your browser, after the url box. To submit a deal:

  • Click the DP icon (or the blue arrows on the right side of the screen) to pull up menu
  • Click “Add to DealsPlus” at the top of the sidebar menu
  • A new window will pop up transferring all the information from your current webpage to DealsPlus
  • Fill out any missing information and hit submit

Why is my deal blank/incomplete/inaccurate when I use the extension? - Show/hide

Just like submitting a deal on the DealsPlus homepage, sometimes not all the information is grabbed correctly. This is because every website is structured differently and some make it difficult for the DP system to pull everything that is needed. Be sure to give your deal a quick review before hitting submit.

What is the Money Maker Program? - Show/hide

The Money Maker program allows you to earn money when people view deals and coupons you've posted, and deals you've updated. Once you have been approved, you will have access to your own Money Maker dashboard where you can keep track of your earnings. As your earnings reach the minimum threshold of $25, you will be paid through Paypal monthly.

How much can I earn through the MoneyMaker program? - Show/hide

We are paying$ 6 CPM* for each deal & $3 CPM* for each coupon And for a limited time, we've added $10 Signup Bonus + each day, earn up to $1 for 10 published deals or coupons (10¢ each) for the first 2 months.

When do I get Paid? - Show/hide

Check your MoneyMaker Dashboard. Once your accumulste min. $25 balance, we will send out a payment via Paypal or check (US only) on the (usually Mid-End) following month.

Money Maker Terms & Conditions - Show/hide

Click this link to learn more about the Money Maker program. Terms & Conditions

Is the DeasPlus Cashback system safe and secure? - Show/hide

Our highest priority is the security of our users information. We have implemented systems to keep funds and personal information safeguarded.

What happens if I accidentally close my browser while making a purchase? - Show/hide

If you accidentally close your browser while making a purchase, simply log back in and enter the store through the DealsPlus link. This will help to ensure that all the correct cookies are in place to track your transactions.

Why does the Bitcoin in my wallet fluctuate? - Show/hide

If you decide to convert your earnings into Bitcoin, then you may notice the balance in your wallet fluctuating. This is due to the fact that the price of Bitcoin is always fluctuating, which means that the amount in your wallet will rise and drop to reflect the market value.

Is there a fee to withdraw or convert my earnings? - Show/hide

Great news, DealsPlus does not charge any transaction fees! So, you can withdraw your cash or convert to Bitcoin without paying any additional charges.

How do I earn a referral bonus? - Show/hide

Refer your friends using the link provided in the 'Refer a Friend' section of your profile page. You will receive $5 per friend once their first transaction is finalized.

What are the options for withdrawing my earnings? - Show/hide

You have two options for withdrawing your earnings. Your first option is to cash them out through your PayPal account. Your second option is to convert them into Bitcoin. Once converted into Bitcoin, you can either leave them in your DealsPlus wallet or transfer them to a different cryptocurrency platform. In the future, we also hope to offer direct deposit to your bank account.

What is Bitcoin? - Show/hide

Simply put, Bitcoin is the most popular form of cryptocurrency, which is a decentralized digital asset that functions as a medium of exchange. As the market fluctuates, so does the price of Bitcoin. So, for example, if you receive $2 worth of Bitcoin today, that value may rise (or fall) within a short amount of time.

Are all browsers supported? - Show/hide

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that all browsers are compatible with our Cashback program. We highly recommend that you use Chrome, as many other DealsPlus users utilize that browser. Hi-level security settings or anything that blocks cookies may prevent you from earning Cashback. Always make sure that your settings allow cookies so that our system can verify and track your transaction.

What if the reward I earned is incorrect? - Show/hide

If the amount in your wallet is incorrect, it may be due to the fact that we are still verifying the transaction details with the merchant. If it is still showing incorrect information after 5 weeks, then please contact our customer service with your transaction's purchase date, order ID and total purchase amount. Remember, any returned items are not eligible for Cashback.

Why is my transaction showing as ineligible? - Show/hide

Your transaction may show ineligible for Cashback for the following reasons: 1. Your transaction is from a store that does not offer cashback 2. The Cashback offer may have been changed/canceled temporarly 3. You made a full or partial return of the purchase 4. Cookies were removed from your internet browser 5. Poor internet connection blocked necessary information from being communicated

Can I earn Cashback through the DealsPlus app? - Show/hide

Unfortunately, our Cashback program is not currently accessible through the DealsPlus app. However, you can still use mobile browsers to earn Cashback accordingly.

How does Cashback work? - Show/hide

Whenever our customers complete a transaction, we earn a commission. Our Cashback program is our way of passing those earnings onto you!

What purchases are excluded from our Cashback offers? - Show/hide

Unfortunately, not every store on DealsPlus is affiliated with our Cashback program. However, you can still use deals and coupons to score extra savings!

How does our Cashback program differ from our Money Maker program? - Show/hide

Cashback is earned through a percentage of each transaction made at qualifying retailers. In contrast, Money Makers accumulate earnings based on the performance of each deal and coupon they submit. Both programs are separate, and DealsPlus will provide different dashboards for each.

Cashback policy on Returns, Cancellations or Exchanges - Show/hide

If you return an item or cancel an order, then you are ineligible to receive Cashback. Exchanged items may show as cancellations in our system. To ensure that you still earn Cashback on these transactions, return the unwanted items and begin a new order. Just make sure to click through the appropriate links on DealsPlus.

I did not receive my Cashback - Show/hide

If you did not receive Cashback on an eligible purchase, then please follow these 3 steps: 1.Contact Us 2.Choose Cashback as the topic 3.Choose 'Missing Cashback' for the subject and provide the following information: - Order Date - Order ID - Total Amount

The cashback rate changed and I received less money. - Show/hide

Some retailers may change the terms of commission, which means that the amount of Cashback that we can give will change as well. If a certain percentage of Cashback showing at the time of purchase changes, then you will receive whatever the amount shows at the time the purchase is confirmed. Additionally, making a partial or full return will also affect the amount of Cashback that you will receive.

How can I be sure that my purchase is being tracked? - Show/hide

Always make sure to click through the store link directly through DealsPlus. This will set the proper cookies in place to track each transaction.

Can I combine DealsPlus cashback with cashback offers from other websites? - Show/hide

You must click through the appropriate DealsPlus links in order to activate any of our Cashback offers. Therefore, only our offers will be applicable when shopping through our site. However, you can still apply our deals and coupons to save extra money and earn Cashback!

CashBack Program Terms & Conditions - Show/hide

Please review our full Terms and Conditions.

Why is my reward pending? - Show/hide

If the status of your transaction shows as 'Pending,' then we are still in the process of obtaining final confirmation from the retailer. Once confirmed, your rewards will appear in your wallet.

What is the Dealsplus Cashback Program? - Show/hide

The DealPlus Cashback program is a way for you to earn money while shopping at your favorite stores! When we send customers to specific retailers and they complete a transaction, we earn a commission. Our Cashback program is our way of sharing those earnings with you!

Can I earn cashback if I live outside of the U.S.? - Show/hide

Currently, only users withing the United States can participate in our Cashback program.

How can I view my purchase history? - Show/hide

Review your transaction history within your 'Purchase History Dashboard'. Here, you can see which transactions qualify, along with their current status.

When can I withdraw my earnings? - Show/hide

Once the balance in your wallet reaches $15, your earnings are eligible for withdrawal. Choose between withdrawing cash through PayPal or converting your earnings into Bitcoin.

How do I earn Cashback? - Show/hide

In order to earn rewards through our Cashback program, you must click through DealsPlus to your desired retailer. Make sure that you're buying from a qualifying store, and as long as you use the proper link from within DealsPlus, then your order will be tracked. Each time we send a customer and they complete a transaction, we earn a commission. Which we in turn share with you!

Is the Cashback Referral Link same as the Money Maker Referral Link? - Show/hide

No, they are different. Two separate programs within DealsPlus.