Dealsplus App - NEW Features Update!

You made your voices heard, and we listened! Due to the overwhelming responses and reviews, we are proud to announce several new and improved features to the Dealsplus app.

  • The most requested feature! You can now search your favorite products and stores by category.

  • A new way to see your favorite deals! See offer details front and center with our added list view.

  • For those of you who are new to the Dealsplus community, we have added ‘Suggested People to Follow’ to help you get started.

  • We’ve also fixed minor bugs to improve your overall shopping experience within the app.

Now that you’re up to speed, feel free to explore the app and discover new ways to save!
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What's the matter?
snypin04 Feb 09, 2012
i need the android app! like yesterday
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deal Feb 09, 2012
Awesome. Installed it and also left a great review for it as well. Great to have this wonderful tool. Defin. will spread the word about this. YAY!
jasoned Feb 09, 2012
Awesome! Hopefully the Android app is coming soon.
tpark6283 Feb 09, 2012
Love my new app...thanks DP!
iowahawkeyes Feb 09, 2012
Got it! Sweet! This is awesome!
heyimdennise Feb 08, 2012
downloaded ! this is going to be amazing!
nimrodboy3 Feb 08, 2012
man..that's a lot of plusses
kumslee Feb 08, 2012
Cool. Installed the app in my mob.
zoelee Feb 08, 2012
Great! Downloaded and now I have on the go.. :)
adeel_idl Feb 08, 2012
that's great
rtanner Feb 08, 2012
MrBklynW Feb 08, 2012
Awesome, wow is moving so fast. The number of new members, page, toolbar, now a app. =)
helloamy1977 Feb 08, 2012
Im going to cry I love so much !!!
nimrodboy3 Feb 08, 2012
awesome app..thanks guys!
pdubbb Feb 08, 2012
AHHHH! I've been waiting for this day to come! EXCELLENT!
Sundevil Feb 08, 2012
I proposed this idea, like, 4 months ago.

Finally, we have the app.
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MePlus Feb 08, 2012
I always wondered why there was not a Dealsplus app. Thanks!
blackfoot Feb 08, 2012
Pretty cool. Lots of good changes/additions on Deals+ recently.
austin38 Feb 08, 2012
Come to Droid please!!! Can't wait! This will be so helpful!
Dexterous Feb 08, 2012
Thats what I was talking about
solowkoe Feb 08, 2012
woot, FTW. I see deals all the time and anytime I see a deal now a days, I think of! Congrats on the success.
ddilworth Feb 08, 2012
I was really looking forward to this, but it's only coupons, and not the cool plus'd deals that you see on the homepage here. Kind of disappointed to be honest.
krmills1 Feb 08, 2012
This will be great!
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Tlmills66 Feb 08, 2012
Love this!
wdjdac Feb 08, 2012
I downloaded it.
mnvikings11 Feb 08, 2012
It's about time to have this app for Apple.
nimase85 Feb 08, 2012
I love all the changes that are making things so much easier to use on :)
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toast Feb 08, 2012
Congrats on the app launch guys!
belarus94 Feb 08, 2012
Wow, thanks for this.
stephaniehorning Feb 08, 2012
Hope to see it on the droid soon. I'm always looking to see if you have a droid app.
vimalr Feb 08, 2012
Finally I am seeing an Mobile App. Have been waiting for this one.
FibroMom Feb 08, 2012
Fantastic! Let DP Reach the Masses! :)
arsiel Feb 08, 2012
Time to get an iPhone. Now.
ukjerry Feb 08, 2012
Can't wait for Android app!!
sky473 Feb 08, 2012
awesome... finally.. cant wait to install
msimulation Feb 08, 2012
Nice! No more fiddling with tiny Safari
branie Feb 08, 2012
Installed and then battery died,can't wait to check it out in a bit!
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hoabruce Feb 08, 2012
Looking for a coupon while im at a store is so much easier. Thx DP!
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aznballa161 Feb 08, 2012
Thanks, this is great. No need to bookmark the website on my phone anymore
ramana_forums Feb 08, 2012
Yeah.. this is big news.. thanks for the app
xptrish Feb 08, 2012
Way cool!
ragingwookiee Feb 08, 2012
Awesome! Installing it now.