JCPenney Kitchen & Dining Sale plus $10 off $50

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What's the matter?
dvinegrace83 Feb 05, 2012
Ahhh my achilles heel! Im such a packrat when it comes to thesefun kitchen gadgets!
onestopshop Feb 05, 2012
I have one and i love my, check out the info about this

Electric griddle makes it easy and fast to cook for your family or friends. Its large cooking surface eliminates the need for multiple skillets.

temperature-controlled even heat
nonstick surface for easy clean-up
angled surface helps drain fat away
pull-out grease tray; cool-touch edges
catchersmom Feb 05, 2012
great needed a new one thanks
blackfoot Feb 05, 2012
lots of stuff on sale and the coupon makes it sweeter.
sra0263 Feb 05, 2012
Great...............Thanks for sharing
arsiel Feb 05, 2012
Hooray for JCP and smart marketing!
Thanks for the coupon - I'll finally take advantage of what they've changed.

Also, on a sidenote, if anyone purchases the griddle in the picture, make sure you cook in a well-ventilated area. I made bacon with it and thought it smelled awesome, I set off a couple fire alarms at 7 AM...
Florida2Texas Feb 05, 2012
I had posted a news about the new pricing strategy for Jcpenney and how the media thought it wouldn't work! It looks like working to me right here. Some good prices! Thanks
poe601 Feb 05, 2012
Great deals and coupon, Thanks!
rtanner Feb 05, 2012
Awesome I have a funky griddle that goes over the stove top but its useless when you need the stove top and the griddle!
jasoned Feb 05, 2012
The Waffle Maker $18 price is amazing! Usually they are like $30-$50.
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newjerseychickxo Feb 05, 2012
This is great to have,very easy to wipe clean. and saves your stove from being messy. Good price .
FibroMom Feb 05, 2012
Thank you - am finding some GREAT Items in this sale - the Extra $10.00 Off is a NICE Bonus! Off to shop... ;)
glwrks Feb 04, 2012
Thanks for the post with coupon...I'm going to miss the sales & coupon match-ups @ JCP. And I say this even though to friends I've gone off on the unfairness of coupons in general. Many folks have no access to computers, printers, text coupons or even the luxury of a $2 Sunday newspaper. Yet, they must pay the inflated price, while a more fortunate gets the same item for less than it costs to manufacture.
krmills1 Feb 06, 2012
I am glad they changed there shipping policy too! Now its always free shipping to store, like it should be!
omegafemale Feb 04, 2012
awesome new inventory, low prices and a coupon for use with store pick up :)