Kindle 2: Amazon's 6" Wireless Reading Device (Latest Generation) - Price Drop!!

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What's the matter?
dvinegrace83 Oct 07, 2009
seems like a cool product. I wonder if they'll be even cheaper during black friday!
Jul 08, 2009
still about 50% too expensive, and no native PDF, TXT or HTML support is full of fail.
smallzfsu Aug 02, 2009
Jul 08, 2009
The DRM is not really a big deal. there aout a thousand ways around it and its extremely easy to do.
NikkisWild Jul 08, 2009
I love my Kindle!
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skyk Jul 08, 2009
Amazon had dropped the price of the latest generation Kindle 2, the 6 inch reading wireless reading device from $359 to $299.
Apr 26, 2009
Money is really made when this product is available to more people.
Feb 10, 2009
I would like to throw it in the bin if its got so much of DRM thing. it cant be so pricy. its digital, I agree , no trees cut, no shipping no extra effort to reprint, pass the advantage to the reader and see the heights they take you to.

Yes, device should cost 5 bucks if you really want reap money out of DRM thing.
Feb 10, 2009
Here's how antiquated copyright law is screwing up a potential good thing. I'm a professor, and I read all the time. I need to be able to retrieve parts of what I read for courses I teach, for writing, etc. Kindle could make my life bliss if it had the capacity to export text directly into my EndNote reference manager. (Or, if you want to keep it open source, then Zotero). But NOOOOO! Instead, DRM intervenes and makes it impossible to copy text and do anything useful with it. There are ways to compromise here. An e-reader could set reasonable "fair use" limits on what can be exported. But Amazon and the publishing industry seem determined to do for the book what RIAA has done for the CD. Feh!
Feb 09, 2009
I agree, it needs to come down in price. e-books could come down to about 5 buck to make it worth while. I use my TX Palm right now to read ebooks and listen to audio books. I buy CD audio books at Costco for $8.99. And yes it does look Cool!!
Eve15 Feb 09, 2009
They need to come down on the digital book prices to convince me to buy an ereader. Come on! It's freakin digital! No trees need to be cut down, shipping to consider..etc...
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tehk1w1 Feb 09, 2009
Very cool. Still a little too pricey for my taste though.
nada Feb 09, 2009
Looks so cool!!!