Kingston 1GB Data Traveler USB 2.0 Flash Drive - $10 or Free

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3. Final Price: $7.95 + Free shipping

New Google Checkout users get an extra $10 off and make it for Free + Free shipping.
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What's the matter?
spkthed Oct 06, 2007
$19.95 again
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bossusa Oct 03, 2007
Price: $11.99
Shipping: FREE
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mdsagher Jun 10, 2007
Price Change: $27.20 ($8.20 after rebate)
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vectra5 Jun 03, 2007
alive again for $7.95AR!!
lexx575 Apr 30, 2007
Alive Again $4.95 after rebate this ends 5/5/07
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vectra5 Apr 30, 2007
Alive AGain!!
lexx575 Apr 28, 2007
Update $7.95 after rebate
vectra5 Apr 12, 2007
it's $4.95 AR now.
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Lilllie Apr 09, 2007
i need this.
InfernoBlade92 Apr 09, 2007
Alive Again for same price until 04/14/2007
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Flaminfire Apr 02, 2007
Alive again for $6 AR, with free shipping!
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hoboto Feb 09, 2007
This deal is still hot! Only the price is now $8.03 after the $20.00 rebate and includes free shipping!
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coupcoup Jan 09, 2007
You can make $4 after $10 off using Google Checkout.
willis68nova Jan 09, 2007
I'm Sorry they are $5.95 after $40 rebate.
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willis68nova Jan 09, 2007
Alive Again!!
They are now only $5 after $40 rebate.
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TheFlyingMan Dec 23, 2006
I got one of these, when they sold for $10, becuase i never thought it come that cheap again. Now its free? Dont need another one tho.
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nikmash232 Dec 23, 2006
Great flash drive good post Pennyfan87!
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drparty Dec 23, 2006
thanks for the review pennyfa87! I wish more of these reviews had a good little video review attached. At first I was thinking "how the heck can you review a flash drive" but your review answered some questions I didn't realize I had, like how the cap is attached (its not, easy to lose) how fast does it transfer (mediocre but free)! what is its actual size (very pocket able but on the larger end of modern flash drives).

So thanks, that is very nice. I'll probably go ahead and get one of these, my other drive is only 128 mb... good for dos boot disks and small files but thats it.
jayludlam Dec 17, 2006
The link under the $30 rebate is stale.

The link with the rebate for this product should be
netsfan07 Dec 14, 2006
this is a good flash drive
pennyfan87 Dec 14, 2006
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