Kingston Data Traveler 1 GB USB Flash Drive (DTI/1GB)

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What's the matter?
chickeneater4 Mar 06, 2007
Price drop to $3.92
chickeneater4 Mar 06, 2007
Ships from and sold by BlueProton
phillies2626 Feb 23, 2007
price is raised to $11.99 + shipping
chickeneater4 Feb 25, 2007
Shipping is free
chickeneater4 Feb 25, 2007
sorry wrong one. woops
phillies2626 Feb 15, 2007
its now $6.48 + shipping
coupcoup Jan 08, 2007
Now $13.06 + shipping.
sorrow Sep 26, 2006
hahaha they changed the price; its now $24.99 so you need 1 cent more for free shipping!
Vin_Diesel Sep 21, 2006
Fixed. Thanks Flaminfire.
Flaminfire Sep 21, 2006
This should be moved to Flash Drives.

Thanks for the info mike, ill make sure to watch that if i ever get one.
MikeFoss18 Sep 21, 2006
Ugh! I had one of these given to me. Sure, it gets the job done, but it's got two issues. First, it's incompatible with Windows 98, so you have to download drivers from the Kingston website. Since Win98 is no longer supported, this isn't so bad. What's insufferable is the cheap-o thin green plastic piece on top. I kept this on my keychain - great place for a USB key, until you find out that the plastic breaks quite easily. Lucky for me, I found the USB key, but if I hadn't, well, due to the lack of encryption on this thing, anyone could've grabbed the data and ran with it. Although, after breaking the plastic, I did do some home-brewed tests on it. It turns out that after the fourth time through a washing machine, the outer plastic casing to the interior chip must be removed before it works again. :-)