LaCrosse Technology BC-900 AlphaPower Battery Charger

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What's the matter?
wiredxchange Jun 17, 2010
Price increase $39.47
tunococ Jun 16, 2010
It is a good charger, but it will not charge a completely drained battery. You'll need a less sophisticated charger to do that work, probably for a couple of minutes, before you can put the battery into the LaCrosse charger.

I guess the reason is that a Lacrosse charger does not charge a battery that it cannot recognize as a valid rechargeable battery. There should be a function for this kind of forced recharge, but no, there isn't.
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DealFinder86 Jun 16, 2010
looks like it got awesome Customer Reviews. thanks for the update, plus'd!
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pipipig Jun 16, 2010
this thing is getting good reviews?? unbelievable.. i mean doesn't look like it...
akaricke Jun 16, 2010
Price drop. $34.47
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dvinegrace83 Oct 07, 2009
Does it have to be THEIR brand batteries?
akaricke Oct 06, 2009
$5 drop.
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Chrontius Jul 14, 2008
awesome charger, incredible price
CTPAHHIK Jul 14, 2008
Ok charger - nothing special about it. Only good for being able to change one battery at a time (most chargers charge at least two) and set charge rate.

Does not revive batteries at all. If battery charge falls very low it shows NULL and does not want to charge it - have to use by old Radioshack one.

At $38 it's not a deal. It retail for $40 everywhere.
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footprintx Jul 13, 2008
I actually have this charger and it's fine. It's not as magnificent as some people make it out to be, my batteries still die, a lot of them still seem to have short lives. The refresh function I end up having to do EVERYTIME and it takes forever, so.
Chrontius Jul 14, 2008
Buy better batteries. (Try Eneloop, they're much more convenient than most)

Seriously, unless you're constantly charging at two amps, it's probably not the charger.

Unless you mean that your ni-mh batteries die after a couple weeks of light use, in which case you don't understand the particular unpleasantness of traditional ni-mh batteries habit to self-discharge (and just how bad it can be).
Eve15 Jul 13, 2008
This is supposed to be an awesome charger along with Eneloops.
BigJJ Jul 13, 2008
This one actually works. No BS. LaCrosse might be onto something here. It's built more for AA & AAA sizes.
moneymaker Nov 30, 2006
This is a great charger.