Lenovo Y570 15.6" Laptop | Intel Core i7 | 8GB RAM | 500GB HDD | 1GB Video card

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somesome11 Aug 08, 2012
We decided to get this exact model (Lenovo has several models on sale right now). It's cheaper because the 3rd gen i-cores are making their push into the laptop market, so these are "last years" models, but still, the specs are pretty damn nice. Has everything we needed, especially the discrete graphics so my wife can run sketchup and autocad better. We had the Lenovo G555 which is several years old, but still not bad (for a $300 laptop), I'm sure this one will blow it away though.
somesome11 Aug 08, 2012
I should also mention the one thing I dislike about this laptop, and it's become very common with Lenovo laptops at least, it doesn't have a expresscard port or a firewire port.
Dexterous Aug 08, 2012
Which do you think is the best laptop? Need more info.
somesome11 Aug 08, 2012
Well I think this laptop is the best deal overall, the best in cost/benefits, but they do have like the 3rd Gen i-core laptops on sale, but they're also near a grand (with the sale), so I still think this laptop is the best for the budget. For someone who doesn't need to do graphic-intense tasks (games/CAD), but moreso does the usual stuff (internet, Office suites, etc) the i5 is plenty adequate (http://shop.lenovo.com/SEUILibrary/controller/e/web/LenovoPortal/en_US/catalog.workflow:item.detail?GroupID=457&Code=08626FU&category-id=F41BC8E1656C5F85171FBDB172571912) but for the extra $70, doubling the RAM and upgrading to the i7 seems worthwhile.
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machaan Aug 07, 2012
Sexy specs-if Windows * wasn't around the corner (literally), I would pounce on this-my 4 year old HP lappie is struggling even with Core 2 Duo 4 GB RAM & Win 7 x64
machaan Aug 07, 2012
Windows 8, not *- Damn shift button *shakes fist :)
somesome11 Aug 08, 2012
They have an ad on the site stating you can pre-order Win 8 with the purchase for an extra $15. The link leads to here: https://windowsupgradeoffer.com/en-US/
machaan Aug 28, 2012
thanks somesome11, thats an awesome deal. i still would like to know if there would be win8 drivers. I was burnt when I upgraded my vista lappie to win7.
mysocu Aug 07, 2012
Crazy price for both these specs and a Lenovo laptop in general.... looks reasonable price
arsiel Aug 07, 2012
Crazy price for both these specs and a Lenovo laptop in general. I can only drool over these specs... Ugh, I bought my Lenovo for $600 a year and a half ago and it's only an i5 and 4 GB ram :|
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mnvikings11 Aug 07, 2012
Now that's a awesome price for a laptop with all that.
seanvcxz Aug 07, 2012
It's crazy to think that a laptop could have these specs. Back in the day (like 3 years ago) desktops didn't even have a 500HD.
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akaricke Aug 07, 2012
That laptop has some killer specs.