LNT Home 30 Liter Can + 3-Liter Can

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What's the matter?
erick99 Jul 30, 2007
I had an awful experience with this can. The parts that make the lid go up and down are plastic and mine broke fast. The can itself has a liner and that uses up a lot of room. The liner makes it hard to put a bag in it. It is out in the shed now.
vectra5 May 16, 2007
alive again!
ekoshyun Feb 23, 2007
I hear that bonus can is pretty much useless. stainles steel is always nice tho..
stonehill Sep 20, 2006
I second powstash's comment about the lid flying up. You can't really put this in a corner, close to the wall, because it will wack the wall everytime you open it.

The plastic pail insert is key. I tuck the ends of the garbage bag over the top of the plastic insert, then drop it into the can. This way you don't have the bag hanging out.
legy Aug 01, 2006
This is a really great deal. I bought this one, and started using it. Looks great, and big enough to use in the kitchen. Especially great for this price. I am using the smaller one for food waste, and the bigger one for others.
powstash Jul 20, 2006
I picked one up like this for my kitchen. Looks great. The reality is that I rarely use the foot step - everytime I do it flings open ultra fast. Plus if there are food odors inside I don't want to open the lid the entire way. You've got to have mad skillz with your feet to get a partial open lid. ;-)
JSaya Jul 19, 2006
I love Stainless Steel look! gonna get me one! :D
bfurbush Jul 19, 2006
Very good deal, as always :)

Strongly considering picking these up for my new apartment. They look really nice.
firstclass Jul 19, 2006
Stainless steel, white, and black colors are available and Shipping is about $8.