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Just because you got your stimulus check doesn't mean your journey with the $1,400 payment is over. And if you're still waiting to receive it, we'll help you track your stimulus money and explain why it could be delayed. For this third round of checks, it's especially important to stay in the know of your check's whereabouts and the amount of money you expect to receive. That's because the IRS might actually owe you a "plus-up payment," weekly adjustments for folks who need a bigger share as a result of their 2020 tax returns and more.

With the tax deadline now May 17, plus-up payments could continue to arrive for months while the IRS processes tax returns. Meanwhile, first-time deliveries are still arriving in the mail, and the IRS is sending fresh checks to "eligible individuals for whom the IRS previously did not have information to issue a payment but who recently filed a tax return," the IRS and Department of the Treasury said last week.

We'll explain why your stimulus check could be delayed, how to report a problem and when to worry and file a payment trace. If you have kids, learn about the monthly child tax credit (here's how much money you'll get, what to know about shared custody). Millions of people could also get money off their health insurance costs. Find out if your state owes you money, and the latest on student loan debt forgiveness and a fourth stimulus check. This story was recently updated.

Essential stimulus plus-up payment information
What's a stimulus check plus-up payment? Basically, it's more money that the IRS and Treasury owe you for your stimulus check, which you'll receive in a separate payment after getting your first payment. We can't emphasize this enough -- it's crucial you know how much money you should expect this stimulus round, track your payment and hold onto this IRS letter. We don't want you leaving money on the table if you're owed a plus-up payment that for reason of a clerical error never arrives.

Now back to plus-up payments. They're arriving on a weekly basis, but only for this third check. A plus-up does not cover any money missing from the first two stimulus checks. What it does cover is a difference in your favor if the IRS used your 2019 taxes to calculate your third stimulus check but you're owed more from your 2020 taxes. Maybe you had a lower AGI this time or counted a new dependent.

If you got your stimulus payment through direct deposit, that's how you should expect to receive your plus-up money, too. If the IRS doesn't have your details on file, you may get a paper check instead.

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