Magellan RoadMate 760 Portable GPS Vehicle Navigation System

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What's the matter?
ReturninVideoTps Apr 30, 2012
Nice price for a little GPS, and it's really portable!
psplove Apr 30, 2012
Do you think the original retail price is $899.99? I don't think so. but for this price for a GPS is very good. Great find!
MrBklynW Apr 29, 2012
wow this is a great price, definitely nice find
tc1uscg Apr 29, 2012
What I have found from 2 Garmins and 1 TomTom is keep your money. Old outdated maps out of the box with a new unit is sad and rip off. My cell phone is not only faster but more on the spot and it's updated. Heck , even google maps is better. Got a new Nuvi last year. A MAIN HIGHWAY that's been built for over 8 years in WI wasn't even listed. Lots of POI also not listed. This isn't just one company. It it has Navteq on it, you'ld be better off trying to read the stars.
zoneric Apr 29, 2012
this looks like an amazing deal. what's the catch though? I mean, isn't too huge the price drop? does this mean it's not good quality?
mikhaila Apr 29, 2012
the deal price is more so accurate for this gps
jmste755 Apr 29, 2012
Real question is, can this be updated? Some of the reviews are over 5 years old.
branie Apr 29, 2012
GPS are so worth it. What did we do before them?? I would not pay the retail price, but $70 not to be lost for hours is priceless...Thanks!!
poe601 Apr 29, 2012
Great price for this GPS, awesome discount and posting!
gangstabarbie Apr 29, 2012
This needs to get on front page.. Let me pluss for u .. Great deal
blackfoot Apr 28, 2012
Original retail sounds a bit exaggerated but current price is good. Nice
nimase85 Apr 28, 2012
This seems like a very good price for a Magellan Portable GPS they usually go for much more
themoneyman1113 Apr 28, 2012
Good find. Current price is realistic. Original price not so much. Amazon can be so silly sometimes.
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krmills1 Apr 28, 2012
Great price drop from the original price! Nice that it is portable too!
deby32953 Apr 28, 2012
It really costs that much originally? WOW!
Dexterous Apr 28, 2012
This is what i found recently, great price value...