Mint Cars-On-Demand: 1-year membership for free

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Jun 20, 2009
horrible experience today. we tried to extend the reservation, but couldn't do this online or over the phone. when you log onto the website they tell you call them. when you call them, then there's no way for them to take your updated credit card info on the phone (FYI in case your card happens to expire soon) and they have to call you back. of course they never called us back in time.

clean cars
more availability than zipcar

poor customer service - spoke to 3 different people, none of which could help us beyond "we'll have someone call you back to collect your credit card info"
poor software and systems - had to give the spelling and full name AND 15+digit customer # in order for their system to recognize who i was (vs. zipcar who knows your number when you call them).
i used NYFLYER when I signed up, and i never got any free membership or credit.

All in all, a good concept, but clearly in BETA and if customers have similar experiences to mine, i'd venture to say that they should get a lot better - quickly!
Dec 12, 2008
Hello NYers (sorry rest of world), found this new deal for Mint -- on site it says you can get a $25 driving credit for signing up w/ promo code BUT i was handed a flyer just yesterday that claimed a $35 driving credit if you use promo code NYFLYER.

No expiration date!
dnice Dec 12, 2008
Hello NYERS- so Mint has a promotion on their website ( that says you can get a $25 driving credit with new signups. BUT i just got handed a coupon that says you can get a $35 driving credit if you use promo code 'NYFLYER'

No expiration date!

sorry world, its NYC only
rich007 Nov 10, 2008
These guys actually have 24 cars in 7 locations. Chech them out they also have smart cars. cool
artguy Nov 09, 2008
Note: They only have about 5 cars, and they are all in New York City.
Would have to be free, Unless you are one of the 5 people that are hoarding the cars. Semi Good Idea, Horrible Execution.
poe601 Nov 08, 2008
Got to love freebies!
toast Nov 08, 2008
Note that so far this is only available in the state of New York.