Mio Moov 500 Portable GPS Receiver

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What's the matter?
Dec 29, 2008
how do i hack the moov500?
dvinegrace83 Dec 10, 2008
Wow, this is a lower end GPS even with a regular price of $249.99??? That's insane! What should you expect to pay for a high-quality, higher end GPS then?
ContinentalD Dec 10, 2008
The battery life is not highly rated, but this is a big screen and the mios are highly hackable, which makes them desirable. For $120 (+tax) you get what amounts to an ultraportable touchscreen computer with GPS capabilities. I'd call that a screaming good deal. Out of the box the Mio is not that special, but it has great capability that can be unlocked which makes it good for the price if you are willing to suffer through the poor battery life.
ContinentalD Dec 03, 2008
Great deal! The only bad point on this GPS is battery life. Also, the current pic looks like a Garmin widescreen GPS. The Mio does not look like a Garmin :) On the plus side, the Mio screen is even bigger.
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Eve15 Dec 10, 2008
Lower end GPS have very poor battery life.
ContinentalD Dec 10, 2008
I wouldn't call this low end. I would say it's in the middle of the normal home consumer range. The Moovs just have a weakness in the battery area. Many geeks consider the Mios to be the best units available for the price. Personally I'm a Garmin guy because they are good right out of the box, IMO.