Mitsubishi WD-57731 57" 1080p DLP HDTV

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Apr 29, 2009
Do not buy this TV. I have replaced the bulb on mine 4 times (going on 5 now) in three years. I know others with this same style of TV that are having the same problems. These are defective TVs. No wonder the price dropped. This TV has also been discontinued. Hmmmm...
Mar 26, 2007
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Mar 25, 2007
there is a mail in rebate making it $1,589.98!
Mar 04, 2007
cool tv
Mar 04, 2007
UltimateAV Review
I would definitely prefer to see richer blacks and a more reassuring peak contrast ratio from a rear projection set than the Mitsubishi offers. I suspect that Mitsubishi's upcoming higher-end sets may offer both.

But in all other respects Mitsubishi has hit a home run with the WD-57731. You won't see it at its best as delivered. But give it some attention by proper adjustment of the user controls and, even better, a good calibration, and watch your viewing time soar.

• Sharp, detailed picture
• Rich, vivid, yet natural-looking color
• Excellent HD tuner
• Blacks and contrast ratio well below average
• De-interlacing and scaling only fair
• Non-defeatable vertical image sharpening
Mar 04, 2007
Amazon User Rating: 4.5/5.0 (out of 23 reviews)

Review: I dumped my old Mitsubishi CRT-based rear projection HDTV when we moved to another house. That TV was a back-breaker to move. To replace it, I found this one after much research on the Net and with visits to Fry's, Circuit City, and Best Buy. I found no independent reviews of this model on the Net. However, the specs for this TV impressed me. What I most wanted was the ability to receive 1080P sources natively and connect to a PC with a DVI connector. This TV seems protected from early obsolescence with the plethora of connectors: HDMI, ieee1394, and component video. I did confuse the specs with those of the other TVs I researched. I thought that, like other similar Mitsubishi models, this one has memory card (SD, MMC, etc.) slots and USB connection. I was disappointed to find out when it arrived (in late July 2006) that it did not. However, this was not much of a loss for me. I was impressed by the quality of the picture. I was worried about the quality of rendering standard 480p DVDs and standard def TV. However, watching DVDs was a joy. The color was well saturated and accurate. The picture was bright. It was definitely an improvement over my old HDTV. Watching standard def TV was tolerable, though one could definitely see its lack of detail. My small children seemed to enjoy watching their cartoon shows on the standard def channels, though. With cartoon drawings, the graininess of SDTV is much less noticeable. Watching 1080i HDTV was very satisfying. But I'm too cheap to get HD cable, and I don't watch TV that much, anyway. I'm waiting for the HD-DVD or BluRay players to become more available and affordable.
Mar 04, 2007
Price Drop: $1,658.88

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