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Most Exciting Giveaway Ever: HP sponsored TouchSmart tx2z series for just one comment!

Most Exciting Giveaway Ever: HP sponsored TouchSmart tx2z series for just one comment!
    Best giveaway ever on DealsPlus!!! To celebrate our re-launch, HP has decided to sponsor a HP TouchSmart tx2z series Laptop (valued at $1300!!, see description for specs) as a tribute to all of you.

    How to Enter:
    • Write a useful/helpful comment on any deal, coupon, list, or topic between Now and 4/13/09 *NOT INCLUDING THIS THREAD*
      (Need to register for an account, no anonymous comment allowed.)

      Congrats PGLUKHOV, YOU WON!
      (Thank you all for participating!)

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What's the matter?
poe601 Apr 14, 2009
Way to go PGLUKHOV Enjoy!!!
PGLUKHOV Apr 14, 2009
thank you, poe601. Keep on postin', commentin' and winnin'
Sexxxy Apr 14, 2009
Congrats PGLUKHOV! Enjoy it for me! ;)
PGLUKHOV Apr 14, 2009
thanks, Sexxxy :) I can't see how it is possible not to enjoy a quality HP product :)
Sundevil Apr 14, 2009
Congrats PGLUKHOV. Wait for next amazing giveaway!!
PGLUKHOV Apr 14, 2009
thanks, Sundevil :) Hope you guys win in the future as well
PGLUKHOV Apr 14, 2009
Wooooot?! This is amazing! Thanks so much! I'll put that thing to DP use with some deal findings :)
PGLUKHOV Apr 14, 2009
honestly, didn't even think I would win this, but I use this site quite a while and not for the giveaways. Keep on submitting deals and helping out with the reviews/comments so that we all capitalize on the dreat deals...and get such amazing prizes once in a while. Thanks again, DP and thanks to everyone, who participated. Hope to see each of you as winners on this amazing site in the future
nimrodboy3 Apr 14, 2009
Congrats PGLUKHOV!!!
PGLUKHOV Apr 14, 2009
thanks, nimrodboy3
nimrodboy3 Apr 14, 2009
my pleasure =).
hamstergirl Apr 14, 2009
Thanks everyone for participation!!! Winner will be announced soon!
shalu18 Apr 14, 2009
who won?
PGLUKHOV Apr 14, 2009
will be announced later on
Apr 13, 2009
this laptop is a great to have you can move the screen around has touch screen and pen added to it how many laptops do you know that have everything there in front of you all in one i would also recommened for a small and big business it's versatile and great to have.
Apr 13, 2009
Wow! what a deal! Can this be true? At least I can touch you in my dreams-- TouchSmart.......Will the dream come true ???
jupistahl Apr 13, 2009
HP also has a great deal on their new Pavilion dv6z series right now; it's going for $599.99. It's got genuine windows vista, latest options dual core processor technology, total entertainment package, outstanding features, quality software, security, and support. If you're shopping for a new laptop, chick it out.
vityokm Apr 13, 2009
This is really nice. I've been looking at these for a while. They still a bit expensive for me. Good luck.
Spectre Apr 13, 2009
I had one of the older ones from HP, they are good quality and the tablet mechanism is made by Wacom which is very good
mikeisme77 Apr 14, 2009
The tx2 series is a bit different from their older tablets--the touch technology is by NTrig, so it is 2-point multitouch (same as Dell's newish line of tablets).
scatman Apr 13, 2009
Wow, last day. I probably won't win this, but this gave me some reason to bump up my advice.
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Apr 13, 2009
Over the past couple years I have saved tons through Can't wait to win this baby :-D
rcaccavale Apr 13, 2009
Wow! Another great deal from my favorite website.
xichigox Apr 13, 2009
Aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh!! The excitement is unbearable! ;P
sudhirkumar Apr 13, 2009
I wish I cud win...Never say NeVeR :)
sudhirkumar Apr 13, 2009
I wish I could win this deal.. hOpE 4 the bEsT :)
tabu7115 Apr 13, 2009
i hope i get this laptop i really need this
stingray89 Apr 13, 2009
I have had an HP desktop computer since 2005. I love this desktop because it has never broken down or had any major problems. HP is a good brand name for desktops and laptops.
nannyrn Apr 13, 2009
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badfrijoles Apr 13, 2009
Wow amazing! what an awsome deal... I hope this laptop gets on good hands (hands that actually need it) good luck everyone!
milan011786 Apr 13, 2009
it works great
milan011786 Apr 13, 2009
i think only person should gets is the person who is lucky and who deserves it
shalu18 Apr 13, 2009
This is the most wonderful deal i have ever come across...wish to win this:)
vanich Apr 13, 2009
This is really great Give Away of the day .I hope it works and if it does then I would be happy and also beleive in future in such Deals.
ilikedeal Apr 13, 2009
Nice, i just buy a laptop, hopefully it get me get another one, hahah
SMoRZ3 Apr 13, 2009
I think some people are just posting ANY comment to try and win this thing, forgetting about the USEFUL part about it... Happy Monday!!!
ncbrat Apr 13, 2009
This is a great giveaway! With the way the economy is to go out an buy one takes over a year to saveGood luck to all that has entered
Apr 13, 2009
this is great you should get one.
renachai Apr 13, 2009
This is a really cool contest!
Kudzu Apr 13, 2009
wow, I could use a new laptop
hamstergirl Apr 13, 2009
TODAY is the LAST DAY!!! HURRY to get your comment IN!
threespams Apr 13, 2009
This running windows 7 pen and touch capable os would be nifty.
austin38 Apr 13, 2009
Today is the day for this lovely laptop. I really want to get this one.
nimrodboy3 Apr 13, 2009
wow..time sure flew. good luck all. this is a great laptop. i'm sure whoever gets this item will be very pleased with it.
Apr 13, 2009
Last day, good luck all! The multitouch tech in this tablet is only a two-finger touch, but really for most practical applications of a single user system that's probably sufficient. HP's TouchSmart desktops allow 5-10 fingers though (they use NextWindows--the tablets use nTrig). Anyway, cool stuff, and good luck!
austin38 Apr 13, 2009
this is seriously an amazing giveaway!
and a wonderful way to improve the site...good idea you guys!
deals plus just keeps getting better :)
i really hope i win since mother's day is coming up and i know my mom needs a new laptop!
Apr 12, 2009
wangjoy Apr 12, 2009
I wish I can get one for my mom!
tabu7115 Apr 11, 2009
i really hope i win this computer
crazyclimber Apr 11, 2009
I love HP machines, I don't know if I will win, but at least I can try. This looks like an excellent deal. I also go to, and Those are good sites if you are looking for sales.
Apr 09, 2009
HP!!! H(o)P(e) is on my way?
bjlevin Apr 09, 2009
Great deal for sure
joniwalker Apr 09, 2009
HP~ H(o)P(e) is on my way?
PGLUKHOV Apr 09, 2009
so... according to the poll, 6 people have already gotten theirs, and 3 haven't :)
ssikroria Apr 09, 2009
This is the best give away i have ever seen
Apr 09, 2009
bjlevin Apr 09, 2009
YEAH....too bad you were anonymous when you left this comment :(
mnvikings11 Apr 09, 2009
Awesome Giveaway, soldier in Iraq could use this.
nimrodboy3 Apr 08, 2009
this is one noice piece of technology.