Natural Featherbed and Cover Set

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Jan 29, 2012
i love such kind of cover set!
Jan 06, 2010
I want a feather bed SO badly!! Sounds like a good one!
Feb 28, 2007
Overstock Rating: 4.6/5 (out of 134 reviews)

1.Its just the right amount of feathers..
2.NO SMELL. Non what so ever.. wasnt very heavy either it didnt take long to fluff out of the box.

1.MAKE SURE YOU GET A SIZE BIGGER then what you really have. I Have a QUEEN and i orderd a CAL KING.. just to be extra safe and it fits JUST RIGHT..
2. THE COVER is probably great for keeping the feathers in but.. it kind of has a tarp like feel.

Well i finally got my featherbed that i've wanted FOREVER !! i did a lot of shopping around before i decided this one. Ive bought a few other items from over stock before and was very happy with the product-shipping and price !! My boyfriend practically begged me not to buy this feather bed because he likes a firm mattress unlike me! I told him lets just try it out if you really dont like it we'll find something to do with it.. well he changed his mind really fast after he slept on it. HE LOVES it now and i think its the best sleep in the world. it really does feel like im sleeping on big pillow."

"I have had feather beds before, and they were aweful. Feathers poking out all over and smelly etc. This one is not! I pulled it out of the box, and let it air out (so so important b/c they do smell a bit), the smell came out, and it was so thick I almost couldn't get my sheet around it. The feathers hold the air really well and I have been able to sleep about 1 to 1 1/2 weeks without re-fluffing. The cover to the bed is so nice, easy to get on, washable, and I haven't gotten poked by one feather yet! ...oh, and I've overslept my alarm 2 times since getting it - just to let you know how comfy it is!!"

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