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Oct 24, 2020
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There are plenty of cyber threats targeting your iPhone—phishing attacks linking to malicious websites, targeted emails ferrying high-risk attachments, even texts crafted to crash your device. Apple does a great job of locking down its hardware and software. But there’s not much Apple can do if you don’t take basic precautions for yourself. And that’s definitely the case with one Wi-Fi feature you need to disable on your device.

By now, we should all be well aware of the perils of public Wi-Fi—airports, shopping malls, coffee shops, stores and hotels. Convenient and usually free, saving our data plans and ensuring we can use our phones normally when away from home. But if you do connect your iPhone to hotel, coffee shop, airport or restaurant Wi-Fi, you’re likely making the risks much, much worse than they need be.

Yet again this month, the FBI has warned users to beware the risks of public Wi-Fi as Americans increasingly work away from offices and often homes. The FBI highlighted hotels now advertising distraction-free environments for those working from home. “Criminals can conduct an ‘evil twin attack’ by creating their own malicious network with a similar name to the hotel’s network. Guests may then mistakenly connect to the criminal’s network instead of the hotel’s.” But attacks can be much simpler than this.

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