Realspace Magellan Collection Corner Desk & Hutch

1. Add the Desk and Hutch to Cart (must be the same color)
2. Apply $10 OFF Code: 91287838
3. Depending on the color you choose, stack the following code:
Espresso Coupon Code: 559087071
Honey Maple Coupon Code: 487620348
Cherry Coupon Code: 764390749
4. Choose In-Store Pickup and price will drop another $100
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What's the matter?
debcharles Sep 04, 2011
Delivery only.
tahel1 Sep 02, 2011
we went to pick up the order today no problem great deal
we try to order second one but the deal didnt work after 20 minute
at least we have one.
hzs11112 Sep 02, 2011
I picked up my order today without any problems ... it was held by the door and we picked it up after showing the receipt ... will assemble tonight ... thnx for the deal
mfernandez00 Sep 02, 2011
I picked up my order yesterday and everything went smoothly. the only thing that wasn't taken off was the addtional $10. Got the expresso color for 53.99 and was able to pick it up. Can't wait to put it together
jrmarinho Sep 02, 2011
I get an error saying this Item CAN NOT be picked up. Final Price 139.00
sxwalke Sep 02, 2011
Codes don't work.....went into a store and after being called a liar and told by the manager that I am trying to take advantage of the store (I will NEVER shop at office depot again) he gave it to me for free because he could not get the codes to work properly in their system. Deal of the year for me....but the manager was so incredibly rude it was ridiculous.
cyberczar Sep 02, 2011
I'm also getting item can only be shipped.
themoneycrater Sep 02, 2011
As with mostly everyone else im getting the not available for pickup
hzs11112 Sep 01, 2011
i got a pickup confirmation ... will go tomorrow to pick it up and c if i get it ... will update 2mrw
deedas Sep 01, 2011
Once again a desk deal posted here doesn't work. I'm loosing hope in getting a deal.

"This item can not be picked up.
This can be corrected by changing to delivery mode, selecting Save For Later, or Removing this item."

Changing to delivery bumps the price up. o______o
shengsi Sep 01, 2011
delivery only. both are 139
lik1612 Sep 01, 2011
out of stock :(
MHKF121 Sep 01, 2011
Did any one actually get it?
MHKF121 Sep 01, 2011 called and cancelled the order. Excuse: It was out of stock, My order was confirmed with instock. Don't know what had happened.
billchenxi Sep 01, 2011
Can you help me?
Acarone Sep 01, 2011
You only get the complete discount when you choose "in-store pickup" (like the instructions say above. Hope that helps. Maybe its not available in your area, I dunno.
hzs11112 Sep 01, 2011
i tried buying again but now it says delivery only when i select in-store pickup ... i dont think it is working now
billchenxi Sep 01, 2011
This item is available for delivery only.
This can be corrected by changing to delivery mode, selecting Save For Later, or Removing this item.
Realspace® Magellan Collection Hutch, 33 5/8"H x 58 1/8"W x 11 5/8"D, Espresso
Item # 101075
hzs11112 Sep 01, 2011
AWESOME ... Thanks a lot ... just bought it ... will be more happy if they let me pick it up
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akaricke Sep 01, 2011
I am sweating it too. I have had Office Depot orders say ready for pickup, but when I get to the store they refuse to let it go saying that I did not have the coupon in hand or a similar excuse.
kffight3r Sep 01, 2011
Acarone Sep 01, 2011
wow, just worked for me, thanks!
ragingwookiee Sep 01, 2011
The price seems to jump around a bit. I get $39.99 for the Cherry but got $43.99 earlier for the Maple.