Best Clothing & Shoes Deals for Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2016

Best Clothing & Shoes Deals for Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2016
We have just updated our masterlist as Cyber Monday 2016 sales are going live right at this moment featuring tons of clothing, winter deals and shoes for the lowest prices of the year. Shop from luxury brands to major department start saving right now plus, keep this page bookmarked as DealsPlus staff will be working hard to update with new offers throughout Black Friday weekend and Cyber Week! Plus, see the Master List of ALL Cyber Monday Sales including Electronics, Clothing and more here!

Best Cyber Monday Clothing and Shoes Deals for 2016
Check out the list and shop all sale live online right now! Did we miss something? Help out our community of bargain hunters this holiday season and drop a comment below.


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The Best of Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2016:
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lizzy456 Nov 26, 2015
like it
tr1plication Nov 26, 2015
New deals for 2015!
nikcc20 Dec 03, 2014
Sales are still going on! Check them out!
nikcc20 Nov 26, 2014
Updated for Black Friday 2014!
DealiciousPie Dec 04, 2013
Just updated again with extended Cyber Monday sales
srborges Dec 02, 2013
updated : )
Acarone Dec 01, 2013
cyee1991 Nov 29, 2013
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srborges Nov 29, 2013
*Updated :)
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srborges Nov 26, 2013
Updated today
DealiciousPie Nov 21, 2013
Updated all sales and coupon codes! Will keep updating until Cyber Monday.
tpark6283 Nov 26, 2012
Awesome roundup but I can't get the NY&CO coupon to work on my order :(
zoneric Nov 26, 2012
great deals. thanks for the round up. it's so much easier to see more deals at once.
ancagavs Nov 26, 2012
a lot of great deals for cyber Monday too. nice roundup.
naturaldeal Nov 25, 2012
Great sale on CM, thank you for putting them together
ShopingSista Nov 25, 2012
That's a great summary list, very helpful list. Looks like deals are starting Sunday for most of the links above!
I'v started looking for clothes at, it has 50% once added plus 10$ off, and a&f is pretty good too. Thanks for the promo codes!
dvinegrace83 Nov 23, 2012
yes thank you!! i'll def be going down the line and doing my christmas shopping through here! yeah!
ishoplive Nov 22, 2012
Thanks for posting. Great Roundup!!
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YellowYY Nov 26, 2012
It's nice.
YellowYY Nov 22, 2012
Nice roundup for this item. I'd like to buy it.
Dexterous Nov 22, 2012
BF hasnt even started and they planned for CM....great roundup
Peppee Nov 22, 2012
Great Roundup!! Thanks for the post
arsiel Nov 22, 2012
Wow this roundup GREW. Thanks for organizing it all! Makes shopping a little easier :D
poe601 Nov 22, 2012
Awesome roundup and easy to see what I would like, thanks for post!
branie Nov 22, 2012
Wonderful list of stores I can browse through after dinner tonight when I can't move :) Thanks!!
ArtemisDeals Nov 20, 2012
wow lots of places with great deals.... thanks for putting this together :)
rockinnrolla Nov 20, 2012
WOW great list! Thanks for sharing!
tpark6283 Nov 20, 2012
Nice roundup for clothing, getting very excited!
FibroMom Nov 20, 2012
GREAT Round-up! It's so nice to go to one place for all the links to the stores and have the coupon codes right there! Excellent post! Thanks! :)
shimisi Nov 20, 2012
Incredible list. Thanks for putting in the effort to make saving money easier for us!
MrBklynW Nov 19, 2012
Awesome round up, thank you, looks like a lot of the sales have already started=)